iCraft Deco Foil by Thermoweb

Hi we're here today to show you our new thermal web I craft deco foil products we have 18 colors of our I craft deco foils they come five sheets to a tube and they're cut 6 5 12 and length and we're going to show you a demonstration using the deco foils with our hot melt adhesive it also comes in 6 by 12 inch sheets you can use any type of a cutter with these you can use punches or you can hand cut as well.

What we've done is we have die-cut the word out as you can see here and we have gone ahead and heat set that to fabric what you'll need to do then is remove remove the liner.

That you can expose the adhesive and hopefully you can see the adhesive down. Okay.

Once we've done that we're going to create a sandwich we've just kind of cut smaller sheets of the foil we're going to lay that over the adhesive and lay a sheet of pressing paper down over that we're going to then want to use our iron and we're going to heat it up just a little bit to get it all nice and hot and what we're going to do is want to press that for about 30 seconds using a nice even heat.

iCraft Deco Foil by Thermoweb

That's grit.

We're going to set our iron aside we're going to take off the pressing paper and. This is the most important part you want to let it cool.

Since we're here at the booth I'm just going to lift it up.

I can get a little air to it cool it off for little if you were if you were working on this at home or in the shop just walk away maybe for a few minutes and come back cuz that's the most important part is to let it cool completely.

That you're not pulling it off too quick.

Since I can still feel some heat I'm going to give it just a little bit more time. All right, and then once you feel that it's cooled off just peel off the sheet and there you go you.

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