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Hello there I'm IELTS Master Li and welcome to this band 7 plus vocabulary lesson today's topic is language ready to get started let's go should you watch this video well if you know a lot of words but can't use them then yes if you want to make your English more natural then yes and if you want to hear example sentences for IELTS speaking and writing then yes you should watch this video.

In this video we're going to look at call locations or words that go together for these words now these words might seem easy but when and what to use them together with is very important.

The first word is talk the second word is tell the third word is concept and the fourth word is speak you probably already know what these words mean but I'm going to show you how you can use them in AB and 7 plus in an advanced way alright let's go first word is talk definition it's a verb to say things to speak in order to give information or to express feelings ideas etc and the noun version is a conversation or discussion some example sentences first we have being able to make small talk is an essential skill for the modern office worker and here we're using it as a noun the next sentence last year my boss asked me to give a talk on the new innovations at our company. This is also using talk as a noun in the first sentence we have make small talk and the second sentence we have give a talk give a talk which is kind of like a speech. All right, let's look at some more collocations or words that go together with talk first make small talk you've seen this before making small talk is having a simple conversation about normal things the weather what happened yesterday sports television things like that making small talk next talk to or whip now some people ask me what's the difference between talk to and talk with really there's no difference in usage some people will say oh talk to is a one-sided conversation or talk with is a two-sided conversation well now yes if you look in the dictionary and look for examples then maybe that's true but in real life if you listen to people speak if you listen to people talk they will say talk to or talk with for the exact same thing.

Don't worry about the difference between talk to or talk with next talk into or talk out of rule what does this mean to talk someone into doing something means to persuade them to do something to make them want to do something and talk someone out of doing something is the opposite.

For example my friend wanted to go to a party last week but I heard there might be some dangerous people there.

I talked him out of it I talked him out of it I persuaded him not to go. All right, talk into talk out of talk someone into something talk someone out of something next talk about.

We don't use talk and then a noun we need something after it we can use talk to or talk with for it person and then talk about for a subject to talk about sports talk about the news etc next to hold talks hmm. This is an interesting one how can you hold a talk that doesn't make sense but to hold it talks is usually what people high up in the government do they hold talks with other governments or people in the business world will hold talks between businesses maybe the businesses will go together or will come together.

They're holding talks to contemplate the merger next one to give a talk on we talked about this before in the last slide to give a talk on is to give a speech to stand up in front of a group of people and talk about something for a long period of time right now I'm giving a talk on IELTS vocabulary next number to tell the definition of tell is to give information to somebody by speaking or writing and some example sentences first when children develop relationships they gain the ability to tell friends about their struggles and successes next my mother asked me to go and tell my father the truth that I had broken the television ha ha ha poor kid they broke the television you have to go tell Dad Oh anyway, tell is this next word let's look at some more collocations words that go together often foretell first we have to tell a story tell a story.

You can tell a and some kind of thing tell a story next to tell a friend.

You can also tell a person you can tell your father tell your mother tell a friend you can tell a friend a story or tell a story to a friend those are the order that's the order for those ones next tell a tale whew what is tell a tale mean what is the difference between story and tale well usually tales are very exaggerated. This means they say too much sometimes they're not quite true if you think about maybe stories that your grandparents told you about how the roof met the lion and the Sun rises or something like that that's a tale or a myth tales are closer to myths than they are to story.

There's usually some element of fiction something that's not quite true in a tale. All right, next to tell the truth to tell the truth very nice expression very nice collocation you don't need to speak truth or say truth but you do need to tell the truth next one just tell. This is very common when someone told you something recently for example my friend just told me that he won 1 million dollars Wow just told me means he recently told me just a little while ago just told me just tell ok now last one go and tell go and tell look back at the previous slide for an example of go and tell. All right, next word number three concept concept is an idea or a principle that is connected with something abstract alright and some example sentences first it is hard to predict if a business will succeed based on their concept alone and next when I was younger I had difficulty grasping the concepts of basic mathematics who the ideas the principles alright next call occasions for concept first we have a new concept. Okay, it's a new concept well that's a new concept I'd never thought of that before new concept next a fundamental concept who two big beautiful words next to each other fundamental concept fundamental means basic the foundation fundamental it's a fundamental concept you need to understand the fundamental concepts if you want to move on to more advanced things next one based on a concept we have an example of this in the previous slide based on a concept following that apply a concept instead of use a concept we can use a better word and say apply a concept we can apply the concept of this to that apply a concept and next to grasp a concept instead of to understand a concept you can say to grasp a concept and grasp means with your hands to grab and hold something but in this case you're understanding the concept and then last to introduce a concept not to tell a concept or to teach a concept you can do that too but to introduce a concept to tell someone about a concept for the first time some wonderful collocations here next speak another easy word that you probably already know with fantastic collocations first speak means to talk to somebody about something to have a conversation with somebody and some example sentences generally speaking royal families in the modern world do not have much political power here generally speaking means usually it's true I'm not speaking precise I'm speaking in general but there is some truth to the statement next I think that what a person does in difficult times speaks volumes about their true character speaks volumes another very interesting expression with speak to speak volumes means tells you a lot about someone or something without saying anything.

Their actions or what they do tells you about who they are and what it is speaks volumes speaks a lot tells you a lot other collocations for speak speak a language who you can speak a language you can speak English that's an easy one next speak volumes we have an example of that in the past slide generally speaking also an example in the last slide strictly speaking now. This is the opposite of generally speaking if generally speaking is usually true strictly speaking is exactly its precise for example that couple strictly speaking they're married but they lived in different houses for a long time. All right, strictly speaking precise exact no errors to speak eloquently speak eloquently eloquently is a beautiful word eloquently means you can speak in a very educated nice way you use good words good collocations quite advanced. All right, and to speak openly to speak openly means to be open and to speak in that manner to tell people a lot about something usually it involves a personal thing maybe someone is speaking openly about their illness perhaps they have some kind of illness and they were afraid to talk to people before but now they're speaking openly about it. All right, those are the four words and the collocations for today your action step is to use each word to write two sentences and post your sentences in the comments below be sure to use collocations from this lesson when you can good luck for more IELTS practice please subscribe to our YouTube channel you can find us at slash IELTS master or IELTS - master comm and tell me what do you want to see next let me know in the comments and I'll try to put together a video lesson on it thanks.

Much have a fantastic day.

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