im addicted to david sunflower seeds

Hey guys! since we're outside summer vacation and weekly I got addicted to sunflower seeds David and you can see. This is nacho cheese and well these are the best some party since there are those bigs not me that's dumb that's garbage. This is where it's at and lately I got really addicted really I just got it was crazy I'm already about I'm just everyday and I tried almost every flavor I tried original ranch nacho cheese flavor I need to try to barbecue and how opinion spicy salsa that's a rare flavor because I only I never saw that even when I didn't eat these I never saw that flavor in dill pickle I'm gonna hug you know well pickles are like sourish.

Yeah you know some people like to like take a lot in their mouth and I never really understand how I understood I got pretty much sucking the flavor off to really taste the cheese and I apply like I play right here I want to do on my front you because I'm gonna ruin my teeth even though I redo I don't really do that hard but.

I crack it and get the sheet yeah.

Teach pretty eyes and I'm really in the mood to try it on barbecue but this door Dean happens.

All of you guys send me comments and see like the best yeah.

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