Imperial Nuts Sweet & Savory Bar Mix Review

Today is Wednesday June 14th 2017 and you're here with backwoods Billy on a Delmarva Eastern Shore beautiful day 90 degrees now we did have some really good weather and then we had three weeks of solid rain then we had what three days and we got rain again for a couple days and now we've been clear and a heat wave in the hinds well mid nineties - now it's we go back into e1 later today but we're already approaching 90 degrees we're not in the afternoon yet but anyway, I'm here with Imperial nuts and Land Shark lager which I just reviewed and I want to talk about this because with this being a slightly to the sweeter side not quite you know not always sweet and not quite dry it's not dry it just touches on the sweet side slightly through the fruity pastures from the yeast kind of put that there but it's got 150 calories per serving 1.5 is your saturated fat sodium's heart 30 milligrams and five grams of sugar which really is not bad and your serving size basically on here they're telling you is 28 grams about a quarter cup which most people will need that much unless you're eating a lot of nuts but. This is imperial nuts it's a u.s. copy out of New Jersey it's out of snack star that star snacks to me company limited liability corporation Jersey City New Jersey.

Going to have a nice seal fresh now with this look in there you have your honey roasted peanuts your pretzels your smoked almonds your toffee peanuts and your spicy peanuts and again a parallel nuts the sweet and savory bar mix and. This is what is this two pounds 13 ounces.

You see a nice little mixture in there and as a good amount of almonds almonds are expensive.

That should tell you something right there that looks good smells good make sure the Imperial nuts facing out good luck now a chair was just because one little doll fish cochon topless this beer being slutty towards a sweet side not dry you know you're sweet and you have clean your dry.

Clean is caught in between. This is like a sweet clean bright net border this really is good the Imperial nuts don't we pay for it wasn't it wasn't bad was it cheap nine dollars got a good size can in it I mean this has a ton of service about 45 servings.

I mean I really can't argue with the bargain there now with this what I would pair with this would be a beard like this like the tropical solid lager such as Land Shark lager I would also look at Crone it would be another one I'll repair with this what's the one red stripe would be another one anything that's caught on that side of some of your porters and stouts that are on a sweet side we pair very well with this being a sweeter snap.

Backwoods Billy two thumbs up and with the Land Shark lager same things you do your pairing sweet and hot like wings Thai food spicy Szechuan in your spicy Thai food Mexican right and along those lines you very very well with this Sweden hot if the backwoods Billy two thumbs up on the nuts and the beer and already beer review but I wanted to say the nuts are a good buy for the size of them ok mates computer or nuts pick you up a canted a for nine dollars it's pretty good deals have an awesome day.

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