Import Showcase: Wii U GamePad Battery 2550mAh & Wii Remote Quick Charge Battery

Hey everybody. This is ahmed here and sorry for my voice I got bit sick under the weather but I'm gonna do this quick showcase as you can see that I've already unboxed this just to see what's going on quick showcase on two products i got from japan basically from play asia calm first whether we you and we you date related obviously that you can see from the boxes the first product and i think. This is the most significant one that fell off a lot of people's radars because it did come out around the beginning of august at the end of july it's basically this increased battery pack for the wii u gamepad basically that as you can see here from the japanese text increases your game plat begin pad play time from five to eight hours instead of the original three to five hours.

It's a really good product in my opinion as you can see here the box what's cool is they included the screwdriver because you have to put this internally in the wii u gamepad.

This crowd screwdriver is included and. This is the battery pack basically i've seen a lot of people give the nyko battery pack a lot of flak because it had really loose internal circuitry.

Obviously get the Nintendo one because it's more reliable will again we're going to test this out later give my impressions or something.

This plus the wii u boost. This is an external battery pack for the wii u gamepad.

This and this together will give you a significant amount of play time basically i could say off to up to 15 hours of play time.

That's pretty cool because you know the original battery pack it did serve its function initially but now that. This is out it's pretty cool and i don't think there's gonna be any problems with the region locking in this case because batteries are universal it's really stupid if Nintendo adds a region lock for batteries.

Yeah. This is the first product I got the second product you could see here is a wii rechargeable battery pack for the wii remote Nyko has been supplying this for years now ever since the wii's inception and the tender has come late into the game and exclusive for Japan obviously. This is for thirty dollars and. This is for around thirty dollars as well I know I opinion it's a bit too expensive especially for one battery pack for one wii remote but i did get it anyway, just to see what the official product looks like compared to michael's the problem with my cause is with a couple of recharges it gets less and less reliable but it does serve its function and does give you you could get a nice bundle or for work for Wii remotes or something like that so. This is what comes in the box basically. This is where you lie it in the. This is like the cradle for the Wii Remote and here is where you put the charger in which is this. This is included and I think it I'm not sure whether or not the it does match the opening of the wii u charger but if it does that's pretty cool. This is going to be 110 because it's in japan obviously i think and. This is what you put into the wii remote itself what's cool about. This is is the sync button is outside well as you guys know the older we remotes have the sync button inside.

You have to remove the battery the battery cap first and then press the sync button which is really inconvenient when you have rechargeable batteries like this the micro ones that's the fundamental flaw with the michael's battery packs is once you remove this cap though we remote will turn off because you can't sink in that's the problem it's really hard to sync with this one now Nintendo's official product you could they put the sync button outside.

All three we're emotes that have this battery pack that can be easily sync now even the older ones new ones I do hear that they have the sink one outside.

That's pretty cool showcase in my opinion and I think. This is for people who are you know have the old Obie remotes maybe wanna with a newer sink or more convenient sink it is maybe worth the 30 bucks but it and my opinion is still a bit too expensive and the Box does cause throw in this which is the what do they call it though we condom or whatever it's called it's pretty cool and it does have an included. This is the first time I notice there's a sink opening here as well.

That's not in the original rear wee remote condoms.

Yeah cool stuff and hope you've enjoyed this unboxing sorry for my rambling here and the sickness is getting to me.

Catch you later guys with another video hope you enjoyed and as usual feed me with some comments catch you later bye.

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