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Made with ezvid freeware at video projectors can be really versatile whether you're using one for a home theater for gaming or presentations business and classroom.

Today we are going over the top 10 video projectors we're going to start by heading over to our list at easy vidcom backslash top 10 video projector we're going to start with number 10 the optimal high-definition home theater projector this projector weighs just under seven pounds and it's 13 inches long which makes it pretty portable and it fits all needs with the screen size up to 300 inches it was released July third 2009 and is selling for about nine hundred ninety three dollars people like it because the fan is really quiet and because it's lightweight it makes it easy to move and easy to mount and users are saying that text even look sharp and clear in bright rooms plus. However, some users have experienced flickering images and extreme color changes with vertical lines historian the playback users who experience said color changes in vertical lines explained that this can be due to a bad color wheel but Optima does offer one year warranty.

If you think. This is a projector for you you might want to utilize that and let's go back to our list at easy vidcom backslash top 10 video projectors we're going down to number 9 the HDMI pocket projection of this thing is ridiculously small it is half a pound and only four inches in length it features dual built-in speakers with an LED lamp that projects up to 85 limits on a single to our charge awesome those released June twentieth two thousand twelve and is selling for about three hundred dollars users love it because they say there's no lag while in use even when you're using it in conjunction with another device like a ps3 or tablets they say it's extremely easy to use and great for traveling and even gives off decent audio levels plus what few negative comments there are about this projector by a few I me too some argue that the projector does not have a 1080 pixel display despite being advertised as such and some are not satisfied with its 85 bluemont say that the picture is just way too dark and some instances blurry but if you're looking for something small on the go. This is definitely the perfect projector for you and back to our list now backslash top two video projectors we are moving on to number eight the epson powerlite home cinema projector the coolest feature with this epson is its 3d capabilities and they even come with 3d glasses that are rechargeable it's selling for six hundred dollars and was released on october first 2012 and of course people loved it because it was 3d function everyone seems to agree that the picture clarity and brightness right with any home where I'm sorry any movie theater and the included glasses recharge quickly in a single charge lasts 40 hours and the picture quality holds true even when viewing a bright light. However, some users have experienced on boy bulb issues saying that the lamp is not last 5,000 hours as advertised and several users complained about a rattling noise admitting from the projector that's a constant distraction apparently this noise happens whatever the projector just for white balance and which happens lacked and unfortunately there's no way around that.

I guess you might just have to try it out if you're interested back to the list back some shopping video projectors we're on number seven the viewsonic dlp projector. This is another portable projector weighed in at six pounds and three inches in height it features a six segments color wheel to handle multicolored processing Richard vibrant picture released July 28 2011 selling for about four hundred eighty dollars and everyone seems to agree that the hdmi connectivity is a huge plus that images look fantastic even from different distances usually if the further away with a projector the more distorted and pixelated the picture becomes but not with this projector that's what people are saying and it has a quiet fan unlike other projectors out there but some users are rubbed the wrong way with it's misleading claim to have a 1080 pixel resolution people are saying it's actually closer to 800 x 600 and several wish that you could use the USB to connect with the device for the last it's just for firmware updates on me bummer and back to the list easy vidcom backslash top 10 video we are now on number six it's another Epson the Epson DX 5210 projector unlike the viewsonic this USB plug and play projector is actually USB and even has a pc free slideshow function that will project jpg images from a USB thumb drive which i think is awesome i was released august 31st 2011 selling for five hundred dollars and users love that it is extremely easy to install and get up and running one guy had it up and ready to go in 15 minutes images are easy to see in well lit rooms and of course the USB connectivity is really convenient if you want to connect to a pc or laptop now this guy has close to zero bad reviews one which scene shellac critical thinking and is kind of making a big stink about having no manual really one star for no manual and another wish that it would be easier to read text but they might classes.

You never know this could be the perfect injector for you and we recommend it and now we are headed back to our list backslash top 10 video projectors we're halfway there we are on number five digital galaxy dream land hdmi projector i call this the game of projector because it's compatible with loads of gaming consoles ps2 ps3 wii and xbox to name a few it's selling for about two hundred dollars with released may 22nd 2010 with this projector pretty much people are shocked because it costs a solo for such a great performing machine our users are saying that the 2,000 lumens it advertises is true which is really awesome quality and it is good for viewing in the middle of the day with the blinds open don't you will try that out but go for it. However, some people are arguing that this projector is not high definition and some go as far as to describe the grainy washed-out color picture as something from the 1920s movie which were actually block white not that anyone's keeping track but we definitely recommend this projector especially if your gamer because it's compatible with.

Many game consoles.

You might we'll check it out now we are going to go back to our list easy vidcom backslash top 10 video projectors and we have reached number for another epson the epson 3lcd projector selling for 310 dollars and it is USB plug and play instant setup and it was released to january thirtieth 2013 oh and it also has 2700 lumens for color and white brightness.

Picture quality is going to be really good the users like it because it's lightweight and easy to move around and the setup is really easy the picture quality is very clear and can be displayed on any smooth surface I think one guy even displayed on a rough surface and.

That the picture quality was still amazing several people have complained about the fan noise though saying that the fan is just too small to keep the projector cool therefore it's constantly running and they say it can be quite distracting one person said their picture quality was a little fuzzy but this might be due to a defective projector but we will never know but this guy has.

Many good reviews you might want to check it out because the cost is really good now we are going to our list easy vidcom backslash top 10 video projectors let's continue shall we number 3 the epson powerlite home cinema this has a contrast ratio of 50,000 won.

Playback is ridiculously clear and it also has two hdmi 1.3 ports nice selling for thirteen hundred dollars and was released sep tember 27 2010 a user's love this projector and say that it's worth the investment because of its clean a bright picture quality setup is really easy it's good for viewing and bright lights this projector is bright in general.

You can use any time a day without having to worry about tacking up like ridiculous amounts of sheets to create a pitch black room and everyone likes the optical lens shift that helps Center the picture even if it's off just a little bit the only repeating issue some users are having with this projector is when they receive an auto iris error message. This is having quite a bit with the with some users and since there's no fix you can do has to be sent back to epson and some argue that epson needs to improve their quality control but seeing as. This is a three year old projector we're going to hope that epson has put a lid on it.

You might want to check it out and we are going to go back to our list easy vidcom backslash top 10 video projectors we are on number two the benq 3d home theater projector this projectors for several forms of 3d including hdmi video games and blu ray just name a few it's selling for nine hundred and twenty dollars and was released for me simmer 15 2012 positive reviews agree that the picture brightness is worth the cost of the projector in itself viewed in bright rooms is ok the 3d is really sharp and clear when viewing some users tested it with blu-ray and 3d movie files which both worked great with this projector and it also comes with hardware for mounting if that floats your boat a couple users say that though. This is a great projector it might not be good for large home theaters because the throw distance is rather short one reviewer said anything or 15 feet his picture became distorted and blurry.

And I want to keep that in mind and a few people received effective devices which happens but they say that benq really means to step up their very slow customer service but I made our list because it sports various 3d forms if you're into that and it could be a good investment now back to the list backslash top 10 video projectors we've reached number one the viewsonic dlp projector it's selling for 350 dollars and this guy is cool because it has 3000 lumens which means saying hi picture brightness of Baldy and it features a filterless design that lowers your custom ownership nice and it was released December first 2012 a user's love this projector because it has a nice looking design the buttons are easy to and menus are really easy to access and navigate you can also view 3d with this projector and 3000 lumens you can view at high noon and still get a decent picture the one drawback some people are saying that the speakers with this projector are not that great you can definitely buy better ones if you're looking for that home theater experience a fortunately one reviewer was displeased because our picture was really pixelated even from a short throw distance which leads us to believe that it could be defective but it makes our number one spot because of its nearly perfect positive reviews and great list of features.

You guys should check it out to see our full list of video projectors visit backslash top 10 video projectors see you next time.

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