Insel Baltic Ale Beer Review

Tonight we have the insole Baltic ale. This is a belgian-style pale strong a out coming in at 7.5 EPP EPP EPP EPP coming in at seven point five percent let's do it well very light colored looks like we might have to get aggressive on this bar right I'm going to pause quickly then.

I can do the photo shoot be right back cut our thumb nail taken you can see it's a cloudy pale yellow light yellow color yep it's got that Belgian ale eesti aroma that I'm familiar with from drinking belgian ales let's dig in very spritzee.

It makes it kind of a medium medium to heavy get a little bit of the alcohol on the back end.

Let me work on this for a little bit we'll come back and we'll finish up it's a quick down and dirty down is the last swig of the in cell Baltic ale yeah you can get a little bit of the alcohol on the end no yeah there again like I said to begin with a little bit of a like a dark sour note or a heavy sour note ah.

I'm not interested in this beer I guess that's quick down and dirty haha what else mmm not sure what else yes that's about it fine.

Yeah there you have it folks there you have it yeah my dad better.

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What else comments what would you expect from a Baltic held at seven point five percent have you tried this beer what do you think nine more to go if I can keep these in order which I probably won't.

Ladies and gentlemen into the next beer review two things one to you get more with less think the sound sync to sound remember boom boom pic cuz I'll get this out Oh.

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