Insel Herb Beer Review

Evening ladies and gentlemen we're here to continue our journey with the fear all that I had purchased. This is it Halden in cell herb burger HERV it says it is a british-style extra special bitter earth just imagine would be light yep your light colored 5.2 % a TV picture taken before the head goes down to be fair running out of style as a beer in this patch that I have a preference for alright.

Good mouth bill seems like a fetcher brother almost like a touch of dark grapefruit.

Let me work on this we'll come back and eat my quick down the dirty these workout videos I'm doing our making it interesting getting stiff in places that shouldn't be getting stiff we're here for the final taste on this insel air extra special bitter yeah I guess there's a little bit more bitterness than the average beer on the end of this it's. Okay, if you like beers with a slightly bitter finish then you should try it if not then dry something else.

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