Insel Kap Oatmeal Stout Beer Review

Hey there beer lovers in his father's day and what better way to finish up a father's day then to try some more beer.

I am working on this insole beer hall that I made a while ago this one is called the inside cop k AP 5.5 sent abv it says it's an oatmeal stout wow I can't wait i forgot again maybe the next one. All right, we'll get our quick picture of the beer here and we'll be right back have you punished now it has more but yeah I think that is a little bit of stuff Stoke take a rumor coming from it oh yeah full moon day oh I can see it coming over the winter road drink to the phone come with a stout the the aroma is also but the flavor and the robot are not not the same good mouthfeel we have some flavor and flavor going on here.

Let me work on this in cell a cop mmm tasty notes maybe a little bit of chocolate dark chocolate maybe a little bit of coffee it's a beer i don't think i would mind having every dollar men.

Favorite no dislike no had no problem drinking this beer.

That's why it by this beer how those I've had.

Far. This is been a pleasant pleasant drink to have if you're new to my channel hit that subscribe button hit that thumbs up button and make comments below but oatmeal stout beulah let me know maybe it's a beer I can dry in the future always place this for me to look for more beers.

Until next time give more with less.

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