Insel Kreide Beer Review

Ladies and don't wait and don't we are here for another beer review from the in sell beer hall I have here in cell china says it's a campaigner fail coming in five point five percent a BB just reminding me of something next video alrighty let's give her a pork Wow very light yellow color white foam seems to be plenty of carbonation I guess you should be installed a champagne or ale finish with a forum I take my picture and we'll come back for my initial taste let's see what we got here Wow lots of carbonation going on here Cheers get bail jinda Teasdale aroma off the top spritely spritzee a whole film I coding as it goes down.

Let me work on this will come back for our quick down and dirty and we are back I usually use this time between what I'm drinking you catch up on friends and other people with YouTube videos see what's going on.

Little time my GoPro batteries are charged down ready for ground all five of them quick down and dirty on the info crida beer on a champagne or hail ah not bad not a lot of flavor.

Very small hint of sourness but I think it has to do with these oh.

Yeah it's also guess we just have to try another one you know there's got to be one out of this batch of 11 that I like how did least one.

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