Insel Strand Gut Rauch Eiche Beer Review

Here we are for another beer review from the in sell beer hall we did a while ago and this time we have the in cell spawned the boot Ralph uh-huh celtis beer five point five percent aav. This is saying is a wood aged beer damn I forgot I wanted to use my studio bike to get their next tide of Iranian.

We got Ralph me and smokey looks like it's a here again it's not clear darker little orange to the to the head plenty of carbonation going on look at the photo out of the way first so. This is 0 color Zach ah ah ooh ok it's not that bad on which is a completely different room over what I'm expecting Wood said good age yeah. Okay, that makes sense that's what I'm getting Wow ok let's try not to have any preconceptions oh i just finished that last beer damn it.

What i should do is to get that sourness out of them up let me go have a couple crackers and we'll come right back I'm gonna pause you got the sourness out of my mouth wooden gloomy haha ok buddy clear studio oh I'm drinking this I'm gonna do a little more research on this I'm almost getting a feeling devote a little bit of taste of whiskey in there.

I'm wondering if they used whiskey barrels although it doesn't say anything about whiskey in there it starts about rock which is smoked it doesn't have the barrel here mr. steam yeah I mean there's more research come back and give you a quick down and dirty well I took a little bit more time than I thought to work on that beer.

I did look at your website the website did not help me there is more of a description of ingredients and things like that on the bottle itself most of it seemed but fell in German but I can see. This is brewing water garrison vault vicen loads probably zuker.

It's got your regular ball but also has wheat.

It's a combination of different bolts here this now what I call wood in blues now not very appealing and as for the flavoring and it's drinkable but there again it's not I don't have any reason to find the lalit.

That's yeah bet that's the quick down and dirty thanks for watching you haven't already subscribed hit that like button and comment below have you had a smoky beer or a whiskey beer would aged beer and did it taste like wood and did you like it let me know and don't forget you get more with less.

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