INSIDE Luca's 8 Hour Course on "How To MASTER Any Language (On Your Own)"

Hi guys. This is ephraim. This is a very short video in which will show you what you'll get if you choose to buy the video package or the full package of the eight-hour video recording with Luca lamprey yellow on how to master any language on your own.

The ultimate goal of that workshop end of the recordings is really to help you to give you all the information how to become a self-directed language room from start to finish. Okay.

Let's go through the content one by one the first video is on basic principles for official language learning second one is on methods and personal learning style the third one is how to stick to painless efficient learning routine the fourth one is on how to find a language partner and overcome the fear of speaking the fifth one is diverse it's on vocabulary tension in theory and practice and pronunciation inclination a general overview the sixth one is also on pronunciation intonation on a practical approach to fanatics and the final one is on the comparison of different language systems and there are two bonuses for the people who either purchase the video package or the full package look at Luke is going to provide two additional one hour recording some learning Chinese and Japanese and the second one is on learn on language and the work you can actually plan to include those two videos at the live event in Vienna but due to the time constraint of eight hours it just didn't fit.

In the course of the next month Luke is going to upload those two exclusive videos as well um then terms of content you have to two options how you can consume the content either you can watch those videos directly on your web browser on the took condition that you are having an internet connection or on your tablet or on your smartphone but if you would like to watch though those videos independent from any internet connection because you want to watch them while you're traveling on the plane or on your on the train you we also provide an option to back download all the videos with just one click and yeah the only condition is that you need is to have storage of 18 gigabyte that's it right and beneath each video you also can find those PowerPoint slides you just have to click and the separate window is opening and those are all the PowerPoint slides that Luca used during the workshop in the end.

You really own the content you can print it out or you can save it on your hard disk as well right.

That's it and until now really all the people who bought the video or the full package are insanely happy about the content and yeah a lot of discussion and a lot of great things are happening right now. Okay, thanks.

Much for listening and if you have any further questions please let us know inside the comment section. All right, take care and all the best happy language life bye-bye you.

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