Instagram Hair Q&A: Going blonde, Olaplex & why is hair so expensive? | theanothergirlslife

Oh hey y'all.

Happy new year and all that jazz I hope you guys had a great festive season and I thought I'd start the new year well I didn't think I'd start the new year with any video in particular this was just the one that I filmed to go up today.

We're going to start off the new year with this was going to be my instagram hair Q&A video i've already tried to run this once and it was fine but something went wrong with the footage Final Cut Pro had a panic attack and it just decided to make all the footage go black well like half of her just go black and you can only hear the sound.

I'm already annoyed with this video but I'm going to keep pressing through because it's questions that you guys have asked me I mentioned it in a vlog but now I'm just going to take the questions from Instagram.

Instagram Hair Q&A: Going blonde, Olaplex & why is hair so expensive? | theanothergirlslife

Hopefully there'll be something interesting and useful for you guys in this video.

Let's go which products are good for hair growth I've bleached highlighters hair I get regular trims would love to know the product.

I can use to help my hair grow. Okay.

If you are getting your highlights on regularly that means that your hair is in fact growing it may not feel like it is if you get roots when you have color if you have color when you get roots your hair is definitely growing it just means the ends are probably breaking.

If you get regular trims I mean hairdressers do say obviously get regular trims your hair will grow that depends on how much hair is already split.

The reason why we say regular trims is that's every six to eight weeks because that would ensure that the hair doesn't split far enough that when we cut it they're still split in the hair if you know what I mean.

It depends how often you've started getting regular trims from because if you've only been trimming hair that's already split that's why it won't be growing because it will still break you need to get rid of the whole split I said split.

Many /.

Many times but basically if you get a split end it's over the months and years it will work its way up the whole hair.

Essentially your hair could be split from up here and if you're just trimming off it's this much that's why it won't be growing because there has broken.

What I would advise is either get a good chunk of hair cut off and then start doing regular trims from that or you probably need to have protein treatments and i'm not sure if you're having treatments every time to get your hair colored but especially if you're getting hair bleach do you need to be having a treatment hairdressers aren't bullshitting you you need to have a treatment every single time you bleach your hair because it gets weakened with every single bleach definitely have strokes new treatments or get strength new products because that would be the reason why your hair isn't growing what toner do you use and how often.

At the moment I actually have a permanent tin on my hair because I want gray hair.

The toner that I use and how often I used it depends on the tone I want my blonde to be I've decided to start using this permanent in on my hair specifically because when your hair is bleached it gets really damaged and the more and more damaged your hair gets the less likely it is to hold color for very long.

That you might find that if you are towing your hair it doesn't seem to last and that's because it's just watching straight off because especially towards the end of your hair the cuticles have been blown open.

Many times they're.

Weak they physically cannot hold the color anymore.

When I was using great owners and trying to get my hair gray the Tony would last like a day and then the next wash it would wash straight out.

I've started using permanent tints for my hair it depends like I say what color you want your hair to be.

That will be down to your hairdresser you can go into the salon every couple of weeks to get your hair we toned if you feel like the tone is fading really really fast and you can start doing treatments to help try and prolong the color there's all sorts of things you can do but it would probably be sell on based treatments that you would need to have a toner is a semi-permanent color it's not meant to last.

That's why it will gradually fade off what style is good if you have really find hair.

I had a lot of questions about fine hair and products and my advice for getting a good start for fine hair I like my hair style for fine hair my hair is kind of medium it's not particularly thick it's not particularly fine whenever I set fine hair whilst a fine hair I always prefer to go for a messy beachy textured wave I would never go for a dead straight style just because obviously that's going to make your head it really really flat.

The key to getting this especially a fine hair is using products that you blow dry into your hair rather than using the styling products when your hair's dry that just sit on top because you're probably fine that they're building up and don't feel very comfortable and then you will have to wash your hair a lot more regularly if you get something like a volumizing spray also get like a volumizing shampoo swear by rootless sprays volumizing raised any kind of spray that you spray into your hair when it's wet and dry in because that's going to help enable the structure of your hair to be as big as possible if that makes any sense whatsoever but you want to set the product into the hair rather than sit it on top of the hair you're not going to feel like you need to add product on top of your hair as much and just I'll probably last a lot longer I bleach the ends of my hair and dyed it blew its fading pretty well but I'm worried because the hair closest to the back of my neck isn't fading I'm wondering if I should reach it thanks I wouldn't be able to tell you one hundred percent without seeing your hair but I would imagine that yes you would need to reach it if you bleached it yourself. Okay.

There's a few reasons why it will be like that the hair underneath here tends to be a lot of thicker and a lot darker than the hair on the outside of our head if you think about it this hair is exposed to the Sun it's exposed to the elements it probably gets the most damage because it's it's here you're probably heat style it a lot more than you with the back of your hair the hair underneath here is usually a lot darker maybe even two shades darker and then the hair on top of your head you are going to have to reach it I'm afraid to get out.

You have to probably go to it I probably say go to a hairdressers if you've been doing that by yourself and you're not sure I'd probably say go to a hairstylist just because if you're dying the back of your hair yourself you can't see the back of your head.

That's why another reason why it might not be fading because it might be quite uneven there one thing i will say with blue hair dye and that does tend to stay.

If you are putting blue on top of bleach blonde hair just be mindful that that will probably stay in it's very very tough to get out and.

Make sure that you definitely want to be blue because you'll be subtle it for a long time and you will have to be beach it to get it out and even then I know some people that it doesn't completely ever go back to a really clean blonde.

It's best to stick with purples and pinks and things like that because they work a lot better if you wanted a kind of normal blonde color afterwards I'm.

That's a little note on blue for you there it's quite a difficult one to shift is odor Plex actually any good. Okay.

Oder Plex if you haven't heard of it is a product that you add into your color when you're mixing it.

You'd add it into your bleach formula and it basically enables you to process the hair it was a much higher peroxide and a lot more than you would be able to without it because it actually rebuilds the bonds in the hair as its coloring bleach basically breaks down the ones in the hair to get all the color out that's why I get.

Weak but this product rebuilds those buns and.

Over time essentially your hair will become stronger I've had older pets used on me and.

I had white beat Shawn with a very high water in which I would never ever ever do and my hair felt as normal as it did what as when I usually get my bleach highlights done.

Yes olap X is amazing I'm actually going to be reaching my sister's hair quite a lot in the next few weeks and it's the first time I'm going to use it on a client but I've had it used on me and it's great for an example people look at kim kardashian and they think oh she went from basically black to platinum blonde in what seemed like a day she did go blonde very very quickly and but that's because she has the time and the money to sit with her hair stylist who would have probably bleached her hair about 5-6 times in a row to get that color it takes a long long time to get from as someone as warm as kim is and as dark as kim is to that blonde had autoflex not existed kim probably wouldn't have been able to a gets that blonde and be keep it for even she didn't even keep it for that long and it's probably because her hair is.

Warm and.

Dark that you just can't maintain it if you look at some of the picture of a hair it went a really really dodgy color and that's because hair that dark just cannot be platinum blonde it just can't because the warmth comes into it too much and affects the artificial tome and.

It's a really really high maintenance color and.

Yes Oh Plex is really really good best way to keep curly hair healthy mind never seems to grow.

It's easy to think that curly hair isn't growing that's because of the nature of it it pings up and it tends to just look the same length forever if you have color on your hair and you're getting that done every few months then that means your hair is growing because you're obviously seeing groups but it just means again there might be a problem at the end.

Especially with curly hair it could be how you're looking after it when it's wet.

There's a lot of things that contribute to the health of your hair and the strength of your hair that you might do without even realizing.

It will be things like how are you brushing your hair how are you looking after it when it's wet what products are you putting in are you really tugging at it when you're brushing it out are using a wide tooth comb are you sectioning it off all those kind of things are going to contribute to your hair growth because our hair is really delicate when it's wet.

If you're tugging quite a lot that will be contributing to hair breakage which will then overall contribute to your hair not growing it could also be that you might want to get some more protein in your hair just because your hair's curly it doesn't necessarily mean it's that strong and that thick curly hair is actually one of the weakest hair types.

It does need a lot of help.

You might want to look at strength new products I would also suggest perhaps straightening your hair every six to eight weeks if you're not doing that already just to see what the length is and that will really give you a true gauge of the progress of your hair and how it's coming along and then you can see if it's growing a lot and if it isn't then you can address any of those points that I just mentioned yeah I'm thinking of trying to go blonde but my hair is quite dark naturally is there any way i can go blonde without totally ruining my hair a lot of people want to know this and the answer to that is no there is no way to go blonde without totally ruining your hair bleach does ruin your hair it's important to know that there is no way that you can go blonde without any damage to your hair obviously with products like ola plex now there is we are able to get you blonde with a lot less damage but just bear in mind that not every cell phone users / plex and it if they do use own effects it's an extra charge which you may not want to pay my tips for going blonde are to stick with your hair stylist and take it slow and steady if you go and speak to a stylist and you're quite dark brown and they say to you that it's going to take quite a long time quite a few sets of highlights to get to the blonde that you want they're not bullshitting you they're not trying to get more money out of you that's the only way that we can get you to the blonde that you want and keep and maintain the condition of your hair because we have to think about the future of your hair and how that color is going to look in the long run.

If you're going blonde now I would expect that you would probably be getting highlights for quite a long time the next couple of years.

We have to think about the maintenance of that blonde and how it's going to wear how it's going to look over the next few months is it going to be able to hold the tones that would put on it and we have to keep it in as optimum condition as possible because that is going to ensure that the color that you want you are able to get and because if your head in bad condition you won't be able to get that color.

That is the key to going blonde it's going to take a few sets of highlights after your first set of highlights you probably won't even feel that light brown.

It's important to manage your expectations in terms of how long it's going to take for you to start actually feeling blonde to get the amount of blonde that's on the bottom of my that's on my ends probably took about five or six sets of full heads of highlights.

Just bear that in mind if you want to go blonde also it's good to bear in mind that blonde is the most expensive hair color if you think about it highlights are very expensive and you're going to be getting that done every few months.

Just make sure that you have the money as well you can't do things such as much a routes out which can make it last a lot longer but just do very mind that blonde is an expensive hair color best way to keep brassiness away from brown butt blonde highlighted hair.

That would be something like a purple shampoo that's just a maintenance thing though it will depend on individually how warm your undertone is and how much that affects the artificial term that's put on top of that everyone is different.

It will depend on that but other things you can do is wash your hair with pretty lukewarm cold ish water if you can and cut back on heat styling because it's the heat that brings out the natural undercoat of your hair and brings out all that warmth and that's what's going to affect how brassy you feel like your hair looks obviously at the salon you can have a toner put on and it will be down to what products they use have your treatments but essentially for maintenance thing it would be a purple shampoo and Letty how often do you wash your hair and what products do you use.

I wash my hair kind of every two days products I use very I'm always trying out different products and.

It does depend on on what I've been given at the time or what I want to be trying at the time kind of sometimes what my hair is doing the condition of it.

A range i really like is pure I love their blonde shampoo and their strengthening conditioner and then styling wise i always use a root lift or a thickening spray and then a leave-in conditioner.

The spray that I love and have used for ages is. This is the TIGI Bed Head queen for a day thickening hairspray really recommend this for you find head girls out there it's like an aerosol.

It's a bit weird but use on wet hair and I just swear by this stuff and at the moment for my leaving i'm using the unite seven seconds conditioner this stuff's amazing smells insane and i just love it.

I do that when it's wet and then once my hair is dry i might use a hair powder or dry shampoo or I've got my hair powder actually it's I use this the bumble and bumble pret-a-porter hair powder which is kind of like a dry shampoo also like a volumizing powder but it doesn't have that tacky feel that a lot of drug store powders will have.

Again if you've got fine hair actually. This is amazing it's almost like to how can powder but you just cannot feel it in your hair but this difference is amazing I can I carry this one in my handbag because it's that good for you find head girls. This is an amazing product.

I've had a lot of questions on frizzy hair and products to use for frizzy hair that aren't serums and leave in conditioners because a lot of you're saying that you feel like your hair feels really greasy and there's a lot of buildup and those products are quite heavy.

I'm going to just this isn't anyone's put your question I'm just going to talk about frizzy hair products.

If you've got frizzy hair and you feel like the products you're putting on top of your hair aren't helping at all the key to. This is going to be then products that you use when your hair's wet.

Things that you can blow dry into your hair or things that you can shampoo and condition your hair with I have a range that I really really like there's not sponsored by bumble and bumble I think I should always put that out there I just have a lot of their products but. This is the hairdresser's invisible oil range and. This is the shampoo and the conditioner and. This is amazing for frizzy hair I would really recommend getting a smoothing shampoo and conditioner because you shampoo and condition obviously that into your hair that's going to then start help with the styling because the product is going to actually be deposited into your hair and then you kind of blow dry that in and then it's sealed into the hair if you know what I mean and. This is sulfate free as well as we've got president blow-dry it works really really well and then. This is the oil. This is amazing you can put this into your hair when it's wet any serum I would always recommend putting into your hair when it's wet and like I say blow drying it in or heat signing in because that's the way that you're going to get the most out of it if you're putting oil on dry hair then straightening it that's a big no-no in my book because what does oil do when it heats up it starts to burn.

That to me that's just damaging your hair even more you don't want to put a straightener right on top of oil and then run it over your hair because that is just a one-way ticket to break off central that would be my kind of leave in I suppose product tips another thing you could get is something like I don't know what brushes you're using but. This is an amazing brush for smoothing it's a boar bristle brush. This is just from Denman and you'll be surprised at how much smoother your hair looks just by doing things like smoothing out your hairline just pretend I've got my hair dryer but if you just go around your hairline and follow it through and just smooth out your hairline with this and your blow dryer you'll be surprised at how much smoother that makes the overall style feel my hair is thinning dramatically I lose.

Much every time I wash or brush is there anything to help this and regrow it one that does one that works and two doesn't cost you guys also for three years I've wash my hair every day every other day to try and train it as they say but really I feel like it could still do with washing every day I have to use a lot dry shampoo hashtag hair problems ok.

I'll address the thinning hair a lot of people think they have thinning hair and are concerned about how much how they lose but we all lose about 100 hairs a day.

Depending on how long your hair what is will depend on how much you feel like you're losing the only time I would say there's cause for concern is if you are noticing areas that are particularly fine everyone's quite fine around the hairline especially around the recession but around here the temples is always thinner on everyone you do have any noticeable patches if you feel like it has come out in clumps or anything like that there's just a massive difference to how your hair feels then that's the time to be concerned you can look at things like caffeine shampoo and hair vitamins I have no problems for people taking hair skin and nail supplements and I know people that have and they do work.

I don't have any to recommend but i would say maybe give some hair soft ago and things like viviscal and al person again I I can't recommend because I haven't used them but they have you know I know that they have worked for some people if that doesn't work I would probably say it's then time to go and see a trike ologist or a GP because products can only do.

Much and hairdressers aren't doctors and at the end of the day that is probably something to do with your scalp and an underlying problem perhaps maybe to do with somewhere else in the body hair stylist and products can only do.

Much but we're not doctors we're not trained we know about the scalp to an extent but in terms of diagnosing a sort of problems that are leading to your hair falling out when not really trained to do that.

I would say to go to a psychologist or your GP and talk to them your next point was about washing your hair too much.

Again my tip for you would be to get volumizing products that your blow-drying into your hair rather than using dry shampoo that you're putting on top of your hair maybe look at a volumizing shampoo and a root if spray and see how you get on with that ok I'm going to have this as my last question this video has been going on for a really really long time.

Let's get this one out the way and then we're done ok i want to go from dyed red purple brown to blonde my hair's natural light brown is there any cheap way to do it the long and short of it is no there is no cheap way to do it and I know a lot of people resent paying for the hairdresser and I completely understand it's really really expensive and I get that but that's how much it is having your hair colored specifically is a luxury and it's not something that you have to do and you know it your life doesn't depend on it.

It is a luxury to get your hair done there's a lot more that goes into the price of your hair appointment they're just getting your hair done it's things like if you are going to a salon obviously there's the rent to pay where that's at on based if it's in central London that rents expensive you get refreshments things like the products we use I'm achieve of color is actually quite expensive and there's all sorts of things that go into making up the price of your hair in a salon and with a mobile hairdresser because they have lots of Spencer's too.

It's not just the bare minimum getting your hair done there's a lot more that goes into it and when it comes to something like that going from red purple brown to blonde that is a color correction probably.

Your roots are going to be one thing that we need to address and your mid lengths and ends are going to be something else because it sounds like they're all different colors.

That's where it does start to get expensive and again if you want a cheap way to do it go brown don't don't go blonde if you want a cheap hair color you are really set on going blonde you're going to have to correct whatever it is that you fought in your hair at the moment and for it to then be an even uniform color that takes expertise from someone that takes someone's experience and you know that's what you're paying for at the end of the day I think with hair and beauty there's a real discrepancy in people wanting to pay for it it's a job and a service like any other if you want to get the best and you want to make sure that the person you're getting knows what they're doing you know it comes at a price and especially things like color correction does take a certain amount of expert expertise and experience and that's what you want because you want to make sure you get it right and I tell you if you start doing it yourself or you go to somewhere really cheap you are going to be paying for that 10 times more than if you just went in the first place.

Unfortunately I can't give you a better answer because there is no cheap way to go about it getting your hair colored is not cheap that's the end of my hair Q&A thank you guys.

So much for interacting with me on this I might do a part 2.

If I didn't cover anything that you wanted to know or I didn't answer your question let me know in the comments below I might make this a more regular slopped on the channel and do a Q&A every few weeks I don't know we'll see how it goes give it a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe if you haven't my darlings and thank you.


Much for watching as always and I'll see you on the next video bye.

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