Installation: TeraFlex JK Monster Front Forged Adjustable Track-Bar - 1753418

Emily Jen I was going to just put this track bar on the gene but I thought this would be a great time for me to tell you a story about the track bar and it's gonna be informative and it's going to be fun I hate your stories you know what makes storytime really fun a campfire that's all there we go. All right, you know what I'm gonna kill some lights we have some nice ambience that's why you're gonna real campfire more save yet everyone I can't see anything I think burns me and my dad's gonna get you like fish are we done yet which is trying to have fun here now can either one of you tell me what this part is we don't care that's exactly right Jen. This is a factory JK track bar now what we have here is Tara flexes new heavy duty adjustable track bar now the first thing you're going to notice about the two is the difference in the girth you'll also notice be moving right along and next thing you'll notice is suggesting sleep now the adjusting sleep makes it.

That we can lengthen that track bar compensate for any lip that we might put on the g let's just take a look at how this stock track bar reacts to a three inch lift 37-inch tires I think you're going to be surprised hey c'mere you guys come in here and take a look at this you want to look and see how this track bar bends and warps back and forth as we work.

Well any kind of movement in that track bar is going to translate into a loose feel in that steering wheel you don't want that that looseness can also transfer into death wobble you're.

Stupid you're embarrassing yourself you ever had death wobble that's why I had to stay at my scary voice. All right, there's another thing that will happen with that track bar if we look at how that axle is centered under the Jeep we'll see we've got a problem let's take a look at that just to give us a little visual of how this tire is centered under the Jeep let's take a look at this.

Installation: TeraFlex JK Monster Front Forged Adjustable Track-Bar - 1753418

That's how far that side of the tire is sticking out from the fender flare on this side let's take a look at the other side remember we were right on the edge of that tire on this side do the same drill here and look at that we've got like an inch and a half sticking out the tire sticking out of the flare on this side war.

That axle is actually no longer centered under the G if we think of the state say. This is the jeep and here's your axle underneath it they're shifting like that network made that tire stick out.

If. This is the track bar here's your Jeep your track bar is tied to the axle down here when we lift that Jeep we think of that as a radius of a circle as we lift that Jeep up that axe and swings under.

That's why we have to have an adjustable track bar when we lifted it now we can lengthen that track bar out and bring the axle back under the Jeep and square things up let's get this track bar installed before I put it on I like to do a couple of quick things to it we're just going to loosen up this turnbuckle and wind it out a couple of turns to make sure it moves easily it's a lot easier to do it when it's off the jeep then lets on.

We'll take an 18 millimeter on one into 15 on the other loosen these up a little bit that was it turns out it's probably just as easy to do this track bar on the ground as it is putting it up in the air because we pretty much need to support the axle has a captures not on there on the other side we're gonna have to hold the nut on the back of that just 21 millimeters and that was hard. This is really a great visual we've got the track bar off it we just wanted to give you an idea of what that track bars job in life really is good Emily and just turn that wheel back and forth you notice how the axle the tires are hardly even turning at all but that body is just shifting from side to side.

There's a tremendous amount of load on that track bar when you're turning especially when you're stopped that's why it was bowing when we saw it earlier it's really only one way this can go on you're going to have the bend n to clear the dip on that side the other end is going to just drop down into this axle bracket and. This is where a little helping hand will go a long way we'll have somebody go up in front in the steering wheel wiggle it back and forth and they'll just line this track bar up for us you probably don't need to start it or anything just give it a twist and I'll tell you see that there we go a little bit more right there she just turned that steering wheel lines it up and put the bowl in.

It makes it really easy ok you're good up there Emily will start the nuts on both of them because we're on the ground it's. Okay, for us to well that's pretty much it all we need to do is adjust it do that this adjusting sleeve will be able to turn it by hand here with those clamps out of the way it's got an interesting thing with these you can turn them and all of a sudden will get real easy to turn when it gets easy to turn your track bar is pretty much in the neutral position and that axle is going to be really pretty close to being centered.

I'll just turn them until I feel it starting to get hard again there we go just got all easy then I'll just stop we'll go out and measure it make sure we r squared up we're just going to measure between the frame and some point here and decide if our frame is square with this tire.

We're just there's top of that speed bumps a good spot we're just going to catch it on his right there we'll measure out to this this tread on the tires.

There's different logs were on the most outer tread and it looks like we ran you know 15 and a half inches there yeah 15 and a half go measure the other side. Okay, we picked the same spot on the Jeep and you could measure off the tower anywhere you want just same spot on both sides then we come out here we've got the outermost lug on that one we're it yeah 16 and a quarter on this one.

We've got a little bit of movement to do nobody told me there was gonna be math in this. Okay, here we go. Okay, just keep adjusting until you get the same measurement on both sides than that axial centered. Okay, we're just going to tighten up the clamps on our adjusting sleeve what we do want to make sure is that we don't have these guys positions.

That they'll make contact with the shock when the axial compresses or goes up there's going to be some movement here.

Just put them up out of the way they're not going to tag your control arm bracket here we want to have easy access for air tools or our electric impact will just type them up one other thing when you tighten these guys they have got to be tight. This is a big piece of do em with a little slit in it just sleep needs to be strong.

That we don't have any movement in it but you've got to tighten these things.

Just really crushable don't be afraid to get all over it last step we need to do is to just straightener steering wheel oh it's really a pretty easy process we just got this turnbuckle here with 15 millimeter nuts on it we're going to do is straighten the tires to the rear tires and just get it.

It looks like it's going straight down the road then we're just going to do a quick preliminary set with this with somebody watching the steering wheel just to tell you what it looks like it's pretty level up there you should get it pretty close we're just going to go run it down the road make sure it's straight if it is straight we can tighten it up if not I'll just tweaked a little bit till it is tighten it up and that's it well that was a pretty good install you guys once you guys come over with me let's take a picture just to show kinda like the team that actually did this track bar yeah Morgan Stanley hey Emily you come over.

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