Installing A Quick Change Tool Post On The Atlas Lathe

Hey you two it's Jeff at dark blue medals and this week I have a lot of projects piling up including an order that's an actual paying gig that I need to get done by the end of this week but it's one of those projects where I need to do a few projects before that so I can get that project done some of the things I need to accomplish our steps in order to get the paying job from material to finished product one of the things that I would like to do it's not a necessity at this point in time I can use the old tool post that's on my lathe but as many of you know I bought myself a quick change tool post and I really really would like to get around to installing it so that's gonna be my first project for the week is machining a new nut so it'll fit in the compound slide for the Atlas lathe alright YouTube I got the old tool post off and while yes this is kind of it's an old-school quick change tool post to be honest with you the thing about it is it was very very hard to adjust up and down I would sometimes have to come in here and shim different tool bits and I was limited to the size of a tool bit I could use so I decided to replace it an upgrade to the quick change the real new modern kind of quick change tool post but as I took this apart I realized that I wasn't going to get the measurements that I needed off of this t-slot because I was planning on just taking the material out the nut and getting my dimensions from this and I'm looking at it now yeah I don't like how sloppy that is I want to make it a little bit more precise granted I'm not gonna make it perfect either but I can I can definitely do better than that so as I had mentioned in a previous video I haven't had time to kind of restock or go to scrap yards and hunting around look for stuff but I am a metal worker I don't care if you want to call me a blacksmith a machinist the welder I don't care at this point because I just work with metal and I try to be well-rounded in that that genre I need a piece of material that's gonna fit in here and I don't have it and then I realized that I have scrap and stuff that people have given me over the years it's like hey you work with metal this has been sitting my garage for 40 years here take this and there are some things that just show up here like this for example I have no idea where the heck this thing came from actually I know who gave it to me but I don't know what the heck this thing was used for it's all kinds of just Frankenstein engineering it looks like there's a you know a wing nut a regular bolt that really I couldn't even begin to guess what this was for but somebody gave it to me maybe they figured I could use it maybe they figured I could scrap it the nice thing is this chunk of stock here is big enough for what I need to make the nut on the lathe so I'm going to cut a slab off of this and we're going to get started machining the part all right YouTube I'm running into a little bit of a problem here and my solution is not ideal but it should work I don't have a parallel that's the right height that will allow me to put the piece where I need it and still have the jaws of the Vice closed so what I'm going to do is I'm going to take an Allen wrench Allen wrenches are typically straight and I'm going to put it right up against the parallel to make sure that it is still straight and has it been torqued to hell I'm going to put this in first I'm gonna put my parallel on top of that and then I'm going to load in the workpiece and now I'm going to turn the mill on and I'm going to pray well it needs a little bit of a cleanup but it looks like a peanut let's go fit it in the lathe it's got some back-and-forth wobble to it up and down not so much up and downs actually pretty nice now I know there's a couple of people out there they're probably gonna say things like well you know if you took your time and laid it out and use tight stands and all this other stuff yeah yeah I know I did all of the layout with my calipers and yes I could have taken my time on the mill I could have been more precise I could have done a lot of things differently but you know what at the end of the day nobody is ever going to see this and even if I make something other people look at it's like oh my god that's beautiful it's perfect I am going to know every flaw that's just the way it is when you're an artist through you're a machinist or you're somebody who makes things with your hands nothing is ever perfect to you but anyway this is gonna be hidden it's gonna be underneath the tool post so for the rest of its life it's never be seen all I need to do is drill and tap a hole and it's done but I don't look at this as a failure it doesn't fit the way I want but you know what I look at it as a win because here's a piece that I made out of a scrap chunk of steel I had laying around my shop and here's the piece that came with the professionally made tool from a factory and this has been on the lathe for quite a while so I know this is made it in a time when people cared about craftsmanship and the tool post is great the ball bearing movement is great it's it's precision machine but they even cared less about this piece so is it perfect good god no I am definitely a mutt not mr. Pete but you know what it is usable it will function and it will let me move on to my next project where I can actually get paid hey guys I hope you're enjoying the video so far but I do want to take a break to give a special mention to someone who I've recently met in the YouTube community now this is somebody who came forward sent me an email and said hey dude let me help you out with your camera and your lighting and stuff and he sent me a few things over Facebook and we talked back and forth and he's a cool guy down-to-earth and I check out his channel now his channel is much bigger than mine he's got over 800 videos he's got a quite a bit in there when it comes to cars and off-roading things like that but really why I've been watching him lately he's been starting to get into blacksmithing and he made his own anvil he made his own Forge and he's going through all of the motions that we all go through when we first get started kind of like the journey of discovery and he is taking the bull by the horns and dare I say kicking ass as a blacksmith I think he's going to be very good once he finds his niche and he gets that hang of things anyway his name is Steve his channel name is analog 56x very down-to-earth guy like I said it's got just tons and tons of videos he's got like over 800 of them's been hanging out in the YouTube community since 2006 and he is definitely worth the watch and Steve if you're listening I'm really glad you have so many videos out there on the web because I sit at a guard shack at a train station all night long and having videos to watch in between trains it makes the time go by much faster and I enjoy everything that I've seen on your channel so far so keep up the good work and speaking of work let's get back to ours you know what YouTube sometimes projects just seem to take on a life of their own and you need to put more time and effort into them and you originally wanted to this is going to be one of those projects I bought the tool post based off of what I read on eBay this is for 10 to 12 inch lathes well yeah that might be true but can you see the problem yet yeah so there's that so now you know what the trainwreck is let's work on troubleshooting the problem well I can take this post and I can machine this end down rethread it with something smaller that'll fit that tee the problem is it would never ever fit in the original T slot again and I kind of want to keep this as it is because I don't always intend I'm having a small little pad less lathe someday when I expand I'm hoping to have something bigger and I don't like modifying stuff that you know came from a factory or rather keep it original if I can so that means whatever the solution is I'm going at the machine at myself I still have some of that stainless steel rod leftover from a couple videos ago so my thought is I'm gonna machine it down to the diameter of this shaft and then thread each end to something different so it'll made up with what I have available now I would love to use the same kind of thread that's on this so I could reuse the top nut because it's just a really nice piece but of course I don't have a diet it's anywhere close to this so I went through the parts drawer what I do have this is a Collard nuts threaded to half-inch by 13 and I found a washer and together they'll give me exactly what I need so I found my half-inch by 13 tap and died so I have everything I need I just need to do it and I'm not gonna be filming any of this I'm gonna make the parts and we will come back for the assembly because this video will get way too long if I go through the machining process is something that I didn't plan plus the fact I have a lot of stuff I need to accomplish today and filming while I do love sharing with the YouTube community it does take up quite a bit of time and it tends to add a significant amount of time to the project so bear with me I'll be right back with the hopefully final solution to this problem and we can mount it on the lathe and we'll go from there alright YouTube before I can actually run this I do need to make a spacer unfortunately well it's not really unfortunate it's just the way they used to make things back then they used to like rounding off things and making things look nice it wasn't so foxy like modern lathes are now this radius however up here they came in when they machine this flat this flat sits below the top of this radius so I need to make a spacer to make up the difference which is no big deal the hard parts done I ended up creating a thread on the bottom that was 3/8 by 24 and that will just screw in here I don't fit their post I'll sit on top and where I put the color enough there it is and this will sit right on top and I'm looking at this now that it's put together I really don't need to put that washer in like I thought this sits fairly nice on its own alright guys I think it's just about time for me to wrap this video up here I have a few little things I need to tweak with this holder but it's gonna be a lot better for me for using a lathe and it's going to be very helpful for tomorrow's project now tomorrow's project is going to use that mystery envelope off of ebay so I'm gonna be cracking this puppy open tomorrow it's going to be a pretty cool project bringing me working with some copper we're doing some lathe work a little bit of work on the mill so uh I will see you then until the next video until tomorrow this has been Jeff at Dark Moon metals I will see you again soon you
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