Installing an LMS Quick Change Tool Post on a Grizzly G0768

Hi folks my name is pierre aki and i'm going to tell you about a grizzly o 768 machine ways that I got recently it's a nice little machine it's not a mini it has a 8 inch swing and 20 inches between centers it makes it big enough and heavy enough to do some serious work but yet it's movable and that's why I wanted a machine like this it's a nice little machine it has some strengths and some weaknesses I'm going to talk to you about those things you can see it has a digital readout speed readout spindle speed I have so it doesn't have a quick change which I wish it did but it has everything else that could be automated or Donald mechanically without swapping gears is done you still have to swap gears to any serious threading on it one of the things you have to get used to on a lathe like this if you use the bigger one is if the hand wheels are small this one is awkward to do with my right hand I have to do it my left hand the other thing that you have to get used to and its really pretty challenging is that to get the rigidity you need with a machine like this you have to have a Gibbs extra tight I'm just working with a Logan lathe a much heavier machine weight weight probably about 8 or 9 million pounds and with that machine the weight of the kits can be quite loose the carriage could be quite loose everything was so heavy that it didn't matter so I was pretty spoiled by that machine nonetheless when you tighten everything down on this seems to do pretty good work one of the problems the machine has its low-speed torque is not outstanding it has a brush motor in it it's a you know it has to run on 15 amps so it's it's limited you don't run into the problems often unless you're actually trying to run the spindle at a very low speed and take a heavy bite if you were to buy in a similar machine from little machine shop they didn't have one at a comparable anything I couple the place when I bought this or I would have bought it from them they have one that's with a brushless motor and motors of that sort developed full torque at low rpm so if I had 500 bucks more at my disposal I would have bought it from them not only that but the service I get from them is always sensational problems with this machine the first problem I will mention is that a fella named Bob and covered this machine on YouTube and he found that there was a huge amount of grit in the Gibbs and ways of the cross slide in the compound and when I took this machine apart I found the same thing lots of griten well it was actually grinding compound now he was mystified as to why it was there I'm not mystified as to why it's there because of the gunsmith I know when you fit the slide to a frame on an automatic the way you fit it is by using grinding compound you work it back and forth until it slides nice and smooth and then you wash it out with solvent these guys did not wash anything out from solvent so that's why it was full of grime if you're going to buy a chinese-made machine from anybody but LMS a little machine shop I suggest you take everything apart and wash it out before I go on is another little thing I want to tell you about this is a this is a rolling cabinet but I got from eBay and it's a Seville 4 drawer rolling cabinet it is built like a brick you know what it was not expensive it was more expensive than 150 dollar jobbies that you usually get and here's the this is the posting for it you can see it cost me 2:23 you can get it on Amazon for about $20 more this cabinet has genuine rollers slides on the all the drawers so the drawers slide out on rollers also has five inch or maybe six inch casters enormous casters so it rolls on a dirty concrete floor effortlessly if you went to buy the casters right now just the casters right now it cost you 75 or 80 bucks and has two locking casters so I'm very impressed with it pleased with it the other thing it has is not relevant right my purposes is a one inch stitch pick maple glued up butcher block on the top it's just a gorgeous thing I wish I had to bought others of these rather than ones I've got instead now the other major issue with this and most similar lays that I've seen is that the tool post that comes with it which they call an indexing cata an indexing for way to oppose it's pretty crude it does index these bolts on here didn't come with it I've added a longer stud here and and therefore I have to take up the space so I can show it to you so these are these are my nuts but when you turn this it has an indexing feature that lets you turn it on only one direction and the serves absolutely no purpose you can lock it down between positions but then put the purpose of the indexing and here if I lock it down over here I'm going to show you the real problem the cutter is almost a quarter of an inch we will the centerline of the leg so what are we supposed to do about that the user guide which is otherwise quite commendable for this machine simply tells you you get it out guillotine the user guide quite a robust document at the Technical Writer myself I think they did an excellent job of it it's written in real English you can really understand it and all the points are covered pretty nicely except for this one issue what do you do about getting the cutter up to the centerline of the lake and they say in one sentence you have to shim it up well what does that mean that means you're going to stand there and cut out pieces of brass and aluminum or steel or maybe go to Harbor Freight and buy yourself a cheapo set of feeler gauges and take it apart stick them in there it's a it's a big setting with cutter into a big project that it shouldn't be otherwise so the obvious solution to that and one I've always been aware of that I used on my Logan race was an ax Laura's type quick change tool pose so I'm a big fan of those I decided to call grizzly up and say what kind of a quick change tool though she got for this machine and the salespeople didn't have a clue they said call tech support I call tech support and ask them what they got the guy said haven't got a clue they had an ax oh I'm sorry an ax a tool post for their bigger machines ax a refers to a machine bigger than 9-inch this machine is has an 8 inch swing so obviously we need something that would possibly fit on a mini lathe but you want something more robust than that so as it turns out little machine shop as usual have exactly the right part for me they have an ax a file quick change tool post and here's the catalog and on the right you can see that it's a 30 48 click change tool post for eight to nine inch laid and that's what I got and you can also see on this side of the page by the way that was one thirty four ninety five pretty cheap comes with five interchangeable tool holders and it works like a champ here on this side of the page they have one for $99 it comes with four interchangeable tool tool holders it's made out of aluminum listen this little machine shop sells it Chris Wood over there knows what he's doing he wouldn't sell it if it didn't work I just preferred to steal one as far as how many holders you need well I got five holders one of them is for a boring bar which I'll probably never use because boring bars these days are built onto a bit that is held on a regular tool holder so actually although I held out for five tool holders I don't think it made any difference in the end so let me tell you what's underneath underneath this indexing tool holder that comes here when I take it off I'm going to take this out I had to use this tool holder to make the stud that's in here now so I actually got to spend half an hour goofing around with shin you guys the work now underneath this suppose you can't see it because it's on the other side of the machine there is a there is a an indexing pin like I'm going to take this camera off of here and show you that index should be too painful to do that but you can see it sticking up over there it's just a bevel pin sticking up out of this out of the compound with a spring under it and the first thing you do of course have to take that out over here you see a boss and I'm going to consume in a little bit so you can see that and the purpose of that boss is to make the slide thicker the core the compound thicker so that it holds this stud securely which is pressed into place the slide is only about five or six millimeters thick so if you were to go ahead and try to press that stud in at that thickness it might fail the hole or might be perhaps even damaged this slide here is the original stud the diameter of the head is 13 millimeters and the thickness of the head is about three and a quarter millimeters and it's made aside from the boss at the top of it it's made out of an m10 bolt so I wasn't sure how to how to go about setting this up I called I emailed Chris Wood the proprietor over at LMS I said what he suggests and he suggested going to the store and buying a three and a half inch long end to m10 bolt and turning the head down to fit into that bot is into the recess there into the socket so I took the slide off I'll show you how I did that in a minute and I pressed out the old head actually knocked it out with for the hammer when you do that you put a nut on top of this this is a standard machinist practice and you hit it with a brass hammer that where you're not going to damage the thread and the original stud comes right out okay and now I'm going to start taking this apart and show you how it works so I'm going to stop the camera for a moment and you get ready to okay we're going to take the slide off now first thing I'm going to do is take this end piece off which releases the lead screw this so the slide has no saddle until together just as you see it or the infants and you'll find that most of these incentives Chinese lace or built very similarly and come with exactly the same rather useless tool post okay um the next thing we're going to do is loosen up the Gibbs now the whole thing would come apart very easily I'm hoping to give in place with my hand so here's what you got but this where you can see it you can see the stud that I put in three-and-a-half inch stud you can see the hole where the indexing spring and pin were you can also see the boss on the on the compound my boss is almost a quarter of an inch high probably five or six millimeters and that means when you put any other tool post on top of it it's not designed for that unlike the one that came with it you have to figure out how to support it because that boss gets in the way in the bottom of the slide you can see the bottom of the stud which as I said I measured it was 13 inches in diameter and I'm sorry 30 millimeters in diameter and three millimeters thick okay so now I'm going to stop for a second and put this back together and show you how the LMS tool post goes on there okay the slide is back on and adjusted so now we can resume and while I'm putting the tool post on it when a commend crisp at LNS who was very generous with his time and experience this machine is not made by steak who makes most of the stuff he sells he didn't know who made it in fact really didn't know who made it when I called them up I guess there are a lot of companies over there making similar machines he exchanged emails with me probably more than a dozen emails and he always answered me within an hour or so it was just amazing how attentive he was he helped me to pick out the right tool plus to put on there and made some suggestions about how to go about doing it now the solution that I found that worked for me how do we cover this boss to put a tool post on well guess what standard 3/4 inch washers two of them from Home Depot and they happen to be flat enough without even lapping them I could lap them if I needed to I could have one up on a glass pane with some 320 sandpaper wasn't necessary they fit on here with with only a little bit and they raise the tool post just above the boss perfectly now when I put the tool post on goes on perfectly now there's no indexing baloney on this it's just a quick change so you can move things around to suit yourself and we're going to put that on I knew a little bit let's throw a bit in there just to see what it's going to look like so the bits tighten down with these set screws easily I'll just put on tighten one of them hold it in place and now you can see that the height of the cutter is now right on the centerline and if I want to change the height you change it with this screw right with this nut right here that way when you take the holder off and put it back on goes on and exactly the same place every time what could be cooler than that it has this is something I didn't know and maybe don't know it either this tool post holder has two positions and I found that like by selecting this position I was able to put the control lever where I wanted it when I first put it on the control lever was facing the chuck which was rather annoying and pretty good on like this solve a problem I've had no problem whatever with these washers they seem to be flattened enough to make a perfectly secure base if I wanted to be fancy I guess I could turn my own washers and make them accurate more accurate than this but it would be more of an aesthetic issue than a practical one because frankly this worked absolutely perfectly so again I don't know of any small ways to come with Anna loris type quick change tool post so whatever you buy you're going to wind up having to adapt one and I found that this stud arrangement that's honestly is pretty common for most of them most of them do not come with a saddle they come with a with a oppressed in tool cuts tool post stud just like this one so you can probably follow these directions to come up with your own again my stud I bought was a 35 I'm sorry three and a half inch bolt and then 10 and the the cap was turned down I thought it was a standard hex ball I turned the cap down to 13 millimeters in diameter and three millimeters thick and it popped right in without any problem and I just shimmed it and the rest was duck soup I hope that helps you out hope you find it informative and if I come up with any other great ideas I'll run them by you
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