Installing Your Peel-and-Stick Vinyl Tile Floor

Please note that it is important to thoroughly read the detailed instructions included before installing tiles today we're going to show you just how easy it is to install self-stick final tile a simple economical way to transform your room step 1 start by mapping out your floor with the backing still on the tiles use your chalk line to measure out and mark guidelines from the center of the room step 2 place the tiles from the center out adjusting the arrangement of the tiles to avoid having less than six inches at the edges step 3 starting from the center of the room peel the backing from the first tile and press it down firmly discard the release paper immediately to keep the work area free of debris step 4 install the next tile tightly against the edge of the first if you're installing grout herbal tiles set your next tile using one-eighth inch or 3/16 inch spacer between each tile step 5 working one quadrant of the room at a time install tiles in a step pattern if your tiles have arrows on the back make sure they are all pointing in the same direction step 6 when you reach the end of a row the last tile may need to be cut and fitted place the tile to be trimmed precisely over the last full tile place another full tile against the wall and Mark a cutting line where the tiles overlap gently score the top of the tile to fit around complicated areas such as pipes corners or door frames use cardboard to outline your obstacle and create a template then cut to fit test your template to ensure a proper fit then trace to your tile and cut be sure to test your cut tile before removing the paper backing and adhering to the floor step 7 once all of your tiles are installed it is recommended to roll your floor using a 100-pound roller to ensure firm adhesion however as an alternative you can also use a household rolling pin using your body weight to compress the tiles effectively if you have chosen to installed routable tiles you can grout them now following the manufacturer instructions for your pre-mixed vinyl tile grout it works best to clean up the excess grout as you go keeping a clean bucket of water to avoid haze wait five full days after installation is complete before washing your new floor and that's all there is to it transforming your room is a snap with self-stick vinyl tiles
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