inter-dimensional Man's FACE Hovering in the Sky Oct 2015

Hey let's go for it Randy here listen I have another incredible photograph that I want to share with you guys as you can clearly see here there's orbs everywhere on this photograph but you'll notice up here in the upper left hand corner there's a section there where there's darkness where there's no orbs around there and you'll notice a very peculiar objects right there in the corner those bluish looking objects right there so let's zoom in on this and we'll get a little better idea of what we got there let's go in one more okay this should give us a really good shot okay here we go clearly you can see around this object here there's nothing there's a lot of blackness and then over here it's just our orbs everywhere you look and some of these are pretty amazing but let's focus in on this one right here because that my friends is one of the most incredible interdimensional beings that I've literally ever captured on camera and what you clearly can see is what looks like a face you can see eyes one eye to eye you can see what looks like a nose and down here what looks like a mouth so what is this and clearly look at the top here you can see how flat this is you can see the purplish Corona over here and it more of like an orange is looking kind of corona on this side but clearly what you're looking at here is something that is absolutely amazing that is a face staring back at us and again this happened this month in October of 2015 just a few days ago and when this happened I was absolutely blown away because I've never seen anything like this in my life this is something that's very unique I've never captured anything that even looks remotely like this so to capture something like this on a camera is absolutely mind-blowing when you're there in person so this is something I've been wanting to share with you guys for a few days now and I'm finally getting the chance to do it but this right here could quite possibly be something very very special because I happen to have some information that I'm going to share with you that connects make and have a connection to this face that you're looking at right here that's hovering in the sky again this is this is hovering literally hovering in the sky this is an interdimensional being or an interventional interdimensional face or an image that is literally right there for everyone to see now I don't know what this other images over here this white one but you can clearly see it's got that flat top on as well so again clearly that looks like a face to me and it isn't the first time that I've seen something like this I literally have a connection to this face and I want to share with you and this connection literally is a pretty a pretty bizarre connection so what are we looking at here well I contend that it's possible that we could be looking at the face of Jesus Christ now I know as hard as that is to believe as amazing as that could possibly be could this be an image of Jesus I don't know what I do know is is there is compelling evidence that I've connected that I've come into contact with right around the time that I took this photograph which was just a few days ago um so I don't believe in coincidences I don't believe in accidents I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason and there was a reason that this face was shown to me and there's a reason why I'm showing it to you right now and i believe that reason is is because this quite possibly could be the face of jesus and i'm not sure i'm going to show you some compelling evidence what i had to share with you is some evidence that was found in jerusalem in the Talpiot tomb which is by many historians known as the the tomb that jesus was found in was placed in after death and in that tomb was ten ossuaries and the names on those ossuaries were just amazing one of them was was Mary Jesus mother another one was Jesus son of Joseph and another one was possibly Mary Magdalene connection there is Mary Magdalene by many historians believe that possibly Mary Magdalene was actually married to Jesus now I know this is very controversial and this quite possibly could be the reason why there is a Knights Templar connection to this but the Knights Templar it's it's well documented by many historians that the Knights Templar actually has guarded the lineage the bloodline of Mary Magdalene which is believed to have been started with the son of Jesus so this is very controversial stuff I know for a lot of you out there who are religious is going to be very hard for you to believe but I'm going to show you some irrefutable evidence that may connect all this together so the real connection starts with the tomb that Jesus was found in which was the kelpie OTT to which is in Jerusalem okay so this is the Cal Fiat tune which is believed to be the tomb where Jesus Christ was placed after he after death now you'll notice above the tomb here is what's what looks like a Chevron symbol and in underneath that is a circle or possibly an orb but here is that the the tomb of Jesus Christ was believed to be the tomb of Jesus Christ and there's a lot of compelling evidence there was ten ossuaries found inside this tomb with again with all of the names of characters from the Bible a lot of them that are connected with Jesus so this was the first piece of evidence now this is the second piece of evidence that i have this is a Knights Templar coin that was minted by the Templars and it's the front and the back of the coin the one over here on the left is that believe the front of the coin but you can clearly see the Knights Templars cross up here which by the way is very similar to a Christ at pendant and but you'll notice here something very unique look right here you'll see what looks like that Chevron that you just saw on the TEL p on tomb of Jesus and then look at this face here you'll notice that there's a flat top to that face very reminiscent to the image that interdimensional image that I just showed you so the bottom line is this it's believed that this is the face of Jesus and many believe many historians believe that the Templars literally guarded the bloodline of Mary Magdalene which many believe could possibly be have descendants from Jesus because many believe that Jesus actually was married to Mary Magdalene I don't know if this is true or not all I know is this is a 13th century Templar coin which depicts what appears to be that the tail pot Chevron you can see there from the tomb that's just depiction of the tomb and this face with that exact flat top just like I showed you on that interdimensional image so again this is the second piece of the puzzle here that quite frankly could be the piece that that puts us all together I don't know but all I'm saying is it's a coincidence I don't believe in coincidences I believe that it's no accident that I was shown this coin right around the time that I took the photograph that interdimensional face that was hovering in the sky so I don't know do your own research but this is very real and the interdimensional being or image of that face that I caught is very real so I want to thank you for watching this if you like this video please give me a thumbs up stop by my channel and go for it Randy if you haven't subscribed to my channel subscribe to my channel and feel free to make any comments down in the comment section thank you for watching
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