Intschi Switzerland Travel Video Gasthaus Schäfli

Hey fourth of July weekend let's go to Switzerland come on for hours over 300 kilometers later we're back where we started we forgot our passports and going into Switzerland Italy going to need your passports well at least you know where the traffic is and the road constructions from here all the way to karlsruhe.

When we go back down we will avoid that the you Wow we're at in chi Switzerland look like Switzerland look like Switzerland to me first a guest house we're staying at you have to tell you that we talk to me yeah yeah beautiful that's Switzerland looks like an old real bar hopping in this town guest house is probably only place you could get anything to drink the young free rooms free still Todd beer garden.

The question is to switch them to have their own national language can you speak Swiss or they speak German and Italian and French put in the comments below ok.

We've ordered I've ordered the stencil she's ordered a half chicken and of course I've settled in with the draft beer they have your the item off ok the lager not the bed.

You will show you our dinner when it arrives alright.

This haulers got the app chicken cover the dunya you can't have chicken here's my casa fried chicken and it's on the bottom of any dependency.

I got the schnitzel.

It's a special french fries dinner time huh just finished up dinner look at this view oh my god you know I'm saying it's like let me retire find someplace I can rent three months out of the summer over here in Austria Switzerland at Germany. Okay, as you can see I didn't turn the mic on I forgot.

Here's the bathroom or the place that we stayed shower decent-sized all the water pressure was good the heat was good nice way to wake up in the morning what's a nice hot shower always starts way good I like that what else. Okay, okay small cubby was the table there and a room with a view look at that now that is a view to be able to wake up to something like that every day that would be super let's talk logistics plugs.

They do run to 20 in Switzerland but the prongs are smaller than the German 220 prong.

The German 220 prongs won't fit also they head in recess.

They're actually a different shape those in the wall were fine but other areas where is inset wouldn't work I Kolff was the beer that I had last night very good lager here is a lift cable car lift I guess there's a lake up on top of this mountain a single car was running that day not too many people we'll have to do some more research and maybe head back that way and take a look next up will be a picture that shows that the lake up there is called our nathie and. This is just some that looks like biking directions or walking directions and distances.

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