Intuos Pen and Touch | Wacom Graphics Tablet | Review

Hello and welcome to another review by pushing the boundary today we're going to be looking at the into hush pen and touch or to some people the see th480 but before we begin just a quick message will flash on the screen great.

Now we can begin now supposedly the Wacom Intuos digital pen and touch pad lets you draw create and edit designs on your computer as naturally as you would using a pen or brush and paper.

This review is just to try that out and see whether or not that is true like any graphics tablets the pen registers when you hover near the tablet you can see this by the blue light on the bottom one good thing about this tablet. However, over its cheaper model is that it can register touch as well I actually have different settings for each.

My touch is a lot more sensitive than the actual pen meaning I can get real defined stuff with the pen yet quickly access things when I'm using my finger the cheaper one actually doesn't have the touch option it only allows you to do it via pen.

Intuos Pen and Touch | Wacom Graphics Tablet | Review

That is something to bear in mind and I think for the price difference which is about 20 pounds it really doesn't matter.

You can see here that the pad itself is actually pressure sensitive.

The lighter you press the thinner or like the lines will be the harder you press they're thicker their lines will be and the more body they'll be in Inland Alliance which is really handy when you do certain things with paint brushes or certain tools that you might use in Photoshop for example while do now hover is skin to their final product.

You can see my masterpiece now if you'd be.

Kind to try and ignore all the hideous drawing of that one thing I really like about the pen is they put two little buttons on the side and you can preset these buttons to pretty much do anything you want in this case I will preset one of them to bring up the brush tool but you can literally do whatever you want with it including keystrokes.

I'll demonstrate this in a different application.

In aperture I tend to use a lot of the brushes to do different things.

In this example I'll just use the blur tool to blur out his eyes now on the presets for the buttons like I said you can do anything you want.

For this I've done command Z which is undo on aperture essentially. This means that I don't have to move away from the graphics tablet I can just have the burn and it steps back each time which is really really bloody handy you can also see that when I'm holding the other button on the pen and dragging up and down the tablet it's actually changing the size of the brush which is a really really handy shortcut over all the Intuos pen and touch is a really nice graphics tablet for the price it's cheap and it certainly gets you started it has some great features and it really allows you to customize many many aspects of it as you can see here in the settings from you know the sensitivity to the mapping of the different buttons it's really quite nice and the fact as well that it replaces your trackpad is also a massive bonus because rather than having a trackpad a mouse a keyboard and anything else on your desk you can simply replace your trackpad and Mouse with just the graphics tablet because it acts as a touch interface for your fingers and it also keeps some of the gestures as well actually.

You can still do some of the defined features like swiping its navigate your gestures to bring in your home screen. This is only on the Mac obviously when the windows it's slightly different overall a great piece of kit for not very much money thank you very much for watching this pushing the boundary review please don't forget to click on the logo to subscribe thank you.

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