iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot REVIEW+DISCOUNT

What's going on guys use of hair AK the chameleon. This is an unboxing and review video of the Roomba 770 it's created by a company called iRobot the Roomba is an autonomous robotic vacuum which basically means it's a robot that vacuums on its own this specific model typically runs for about five hundred dollars there are other available models as well they have different prices.

You can kind of shop around and see what fits your budget best but with that all said let's get started the front of the box just has a picture of the Roomba itself there's nothing really special here put this over the back has some more details it shows how the three-stage cleaning process actually works it starts off with a side brush that cleans along the edges and corners shows the counter-rotating brushes that basically work like a dustpan and broom and then the final stage shows the actual vacuum that sucks everything into the bin now let's take a look at the sides this side shows everything that's inside of the box I won't go over this just yet because I'm actually gonna open it up anyway, and I'll show you guys in detail what these things are.

Let's go to the other side here talks about some of the features the Roomba has it vacuums on its own obviously works on carpet hardwood etc has a feature called dirt detect which basically means that if it detects a certain spot is dirtier than others it'll clean that more intensely to make sure it's clean well once it's done cleaning it'll automatically recharge itself it'll go back to its home base dock and recharge the battery the box comes with two virtual walls that allow you to block off certain areas that you don't want the Roomba going in you can set a schedule on what time or day you want the room but to clean on its own and lastly it mentions that it comes with a couple of hepa filters that trap dust particles and allergens and that's about it let's flip this back I won't bother showing you guys the top or the bottom of the box there isn't anything important or interesting there and i'm sure you guys want to see what's inside already.

Let's open this up there we go here it is cardboard back I'm actually going to have to swing around to the other side just.

iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot REVIEW+DISCOUNT

I can reach the pieces it's one this a little closer these here are the virtual walls it comes with two of them you can use these to block off areas you don't want the roomba to go into.

Let's say you don't want the room but to go into your kids room you just put this right in front of the doorway and the room bo will not pass it they do require batteries that are not included in the package.

If you want to use them you'll have to purchase to C batteries / wall this thing right here it's one of the cleaning tools that comes with you want to make sure you clean your room by every now and then it'll keep it going at its best got some cardboard more random cardboard and. This is the docking station. This is really important any time your Roomba is done cleaning or at the end of its cycle or if his battery is just low it'll head back to the docking station to recharge it's basically its home base the docking station actually connects to the AC adapter which I'll get to shortly these are the extra filters eventually you want to swap out your old filters with these ones put these to the side. This is the remote you can control your Roomba from far away rather than having to chase it around the house and pressing buttons on it it requires two double A batteries that are not included in the package you have to buy them separately there's a AC power adapter we want to plug this into an electric socket and then connect it to your docking station. This is what's going to give it power. This is another cleaning tool use this for maintenance and. This is a little packet with the manual warranty and the startup just to get you going now for the main event I'm actually just going to clear all this away and zoom my camera in.

You guys can see this better here it is we got a handle on the top if you use that to carry it around that's our main button right there start and stop the Roomba we got some buttons down here these will make more sense when it's actually on and you can see what they do let's flip it over. This is all the inner workings if you pulled this tab that will power it on we got some cardboard inside the bin as well left to take that out here the counter-rotating brushes our wheels the side brush and there's some sensors around the sides now let's power it up and see it in action power button leaving the dock and there goes moving fine on hardwood see how it does on the shaggy carpet still moving without any problems I wasn't sure if the carpet would get tied up in it but it seems like it's no problem I just hit the dog foot in on the Roomba.

It should be heading back now totally making its way heard that sometimes you can take a while but it seems like it's going right for it on what's there nice.

I decided I'll run a few tests with the roomba for the first test I want to see how it deals with the random object in its way it bumped into it starting to make its way around it seems like it actually recognizes the boxes shape going around it without any problems no issues here for the second test I wanted to see how the room bow would deal with a really loose lamp wire I put it in his path wondering if it would get caught up in it and.

Far seems to be having a lot of trouble it's probably getting stuck in its wheel or brush but I don't think. This is an actual problem because even when you're using a manual vacuum you're not supposed to go over loose wires or loose cords for this exact reason.

It's the same thing when you're using the Roomba it'll probably be best to clear as much clutter or obstacles out of its way it should be fine for the most part but this will just make his job easier and quicker for the next test I had read about people complaining that the room but went in vacuum over black rugs this was because roomba sensors would see the black area as a drop or fall.

The roomba would avoid it thinking it was avoiding falling off a stair or something but in actuality it was just avoiding a rug.

I took a couple of my black bath mats and I put them in rumbas path to see what it would do.

Far it's already gone over it with no problems at all.

I'm not saying that the problem doesn't exist but that the results may vary it might depend on factors like how thick the carpet is or the size of the carpet and things like that the final test I'm running is the most important out of all of them. This is to see how much it actually cleaned up let's take a look at the bin.

Tough to do with one hand pull this back Wow look at that that's disgusting but I'm happy to see it that means it definitely worked and it did its job that's awesome overall I would have to say.


Good with the roomba and that about wraps it up.

That's it for this video like favorite it leave me a comment below and make sure you subscribe to my channel. All right, catch you guys later peace.

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