Ironing Board Cover Ironslide 2000

Well hello ladies my name is Beryl Anderson Nash from bone ash and we are really proud of our ironing board cover the iron slide two thousand and this actually sticks to your ironing board cover.

You're not going to have any strings or elastic to wiggle and work loose it won't slip and slide all over the place fusible and starches it's resistant to and you'll find it very difficult to burn well let's show you how to fit the ein slide two thousand it couldn't be any quicker or easier now it comes initially with a piece of foam padding.

You've got everything that you need and it comes in a rectangle and what you're going to do is actually cush it.

It's the size and shape of just the top of your board and then a little piece of scotch tape in a couple of sections I'll just hold it in place for you while we're going to stick the cover itself over the top now the cover itself again is the rectangle shape I'm working here on a regular ironing board normally they're 54 inches long by anywhere from 13 to 16 inches wide so. This is the size that will actually fit those we also have a larger size though.

Ironing Board Cover Ironslide 2000

Any of you that have the big boards the extra wide European type we do have a size that is 29 inches wide x 65 inches long that will fit any board you care to mention but let me show you with the regular size how it works we're going to peel the backing paper away just a couple of inches it's a bit like putting contact paper on your kitchen shelves and I'm sure you've all done that at some time or other now we're going to start at the square end and we leave enough to kind of tuck underneath and then we're going to peel the backing paper away all the way down to the other end and what we're going to ask you to do is just smooth it as you go now don't worry about any of these wrinkles ladies but these are all going to disappear as we fit it to the wall is before we start chucking it underneath I'm going to give you a little tip use a little craft knife cuz if you use scissors. This is sticky and they might get a bit stuck together.

Use a craft knife just to miter round those little corners just.

You can give yourself a nice tight secure fit.

That when I'm going to tuck it around there it makes your life a little bit easier because we're going to tuck it underneath pulling it tight as we go and overlapping all of those little knighted edges now you can see that gives you a lovely tight secure fit all the way around that edge of the board and then we're just going to head our way all the way along.

We can actually took that underneath and again when we come to the toe we're going to miter those edges also now here we are at the front of the board and of course I pop some extra stuff I don't really need.

I'm just going to cut that away just.

I can leave enough to tuck underneath and again remember when we did the back where we just might add a little bit.

We could get a nice tight secure fit all the way around there the same thing applies and again at the sides we just go around and took it underneath now that is.


Simple it's really easy enough for anybody to do it and now you're going to have a perfect ironing surface but we'll never slip or slide or boom it just gives you an absolutely fabulous fit remember I told you not to worry about any wrinkles that might be left behind well all you have to do is run the iron over there and those wrinkles will miraculously disappear.

It gives you a perfect ironing surface now you may be wondering a little bit about the iron shoe here well that's made of fiberglass impregnated with Teflon and I can tell you a little bit about that later but I just want to finish telling you about the benefits of the ironing board cover the ironing board cover is made of Luminex and Luminex is resistant to things sticking to it now if you were working with your fusible starches interfacing all those things that leave a sticky residue watch this. This is actually a plastic bag and you know what you mess you can make by trying to melt that to your cover at home not only have you ruined your cover you would have ruined the soleplate of the iron also but because I'm wearing the iron shoe on my iron I know that nothing is going to stick to the iron itself and where we've actually melted it'll just simply peel away and where it's melted to the surface of my board I'm actually going to be able to pick that off there.

The cover will last you.

Much longer now you saw how easy it was to put on the board you saw how effective it was it comes with four instructions and full guarantee and the good news is you can buy them in lots of your specialized sewing and quilting stores just look for the bone ash logo and if you want to buy it right now well just go and click the order button below.

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