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Today I want to give you a review and a demo on the new it cosmetics superhero mascara I was sent this for review I know that national lash day was a few days ago and I was actually out and about with clients and I had seen on one of I think NBC or something and they were talking about lashes and they had mentioned this one I was.

Excited because it truly is a great mascara and it cosmetics definitely nailed it with this one now if you are a mascara fanatic like I am and you love long lashes and you just love treating your lashes to really good mascara products that do not irritate the lashes do not irritate the lash line then you have really come to the right review and demo.

That I can show you guys exactly why I am.

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara | Review | Josephine Fusco

In love with this mascara.

Let's talk a little bit about in cosmetics and this new mascara superhero now you guys know that I absolutely love their other mascara which is called hello lashes and I found that to be one of the greatest mascaras I have ever tried it made my lashes super duper long super duper full and it really made it seem to me as if I had false lashes on I mean people used to stop me and ask me if I had lash extensions because that's how nice and full that mascara made my lashes now let's fast-forward a little bit and in cosmetics has now nailed it yet again with super hero with the super hero mascara what I really like about this now I typically when I use mascara as I do like a curved wand just because I like the way it holds on to the lashes and I'm able to lift it up but in this instance this in this mascara they just have this you know this straight bristle on the wand itself they have different lengths of bristles.

Each of the bristles here are going to attach glide onto the lashes differently giving you maximum volume of the maximum length to each of the lashes that you have one coat is really all you need.

Typically I like to apply like maybe sometimes two to three coats just because I really like that fullness and I like to play with my lashes because I don't like wearing false lashes every day I only really were wear for false lashes on occasion especially when I have something coming up or going on what they do with this product with this mascara you are going to have collagen peptides you're going to have nourishment for your lashes it's going to really help get your lashes super duper long and just super duper full and really nice it doesn't smudge it doesn't budge it comes off easily with makeup remover I am just completely completely impressed and as some of the statistics on this mascara are on the box itself that it comes with and you will see here that it says 96% saw that their lashes looked stretched 96% said that they saw a dramatic volume and length 96%.

Plumper looking lashes and 100% saw a fuller lash line and I could not agree more with this because it really does hold true to what it says here.

Let's get into the demo real quick.

I can show you guys how awesome this mascara looks on the lashes. Okay, so. This is one coat as you guys know that I love mascara and I like to work the brush through my lashes.

It starts to give it this length and volume and building.

Again one coat now I'm going to add a second coat mm-hmm.

For those of you that really like to take your time and apply different layers of mascara to build volume especially if you don't like to have false lashes then. This is this method is going to be great for you now we are at two coats as you can see two coats here and I have nothing here you. Okay, my love.

Here you go I have two coats on each I I mean I I think. This is such an amazing mascara if you do one's a purchasing of this mascara after this review and demo please let me know leave a comment down below cuz I'd love to hear from you guys.

Thank you very much I'm gonna have a little bit more information on my blog post you guys I will have a link down below on where you can purchase the mascara a little bit of my thoughts about the mascara says don't forget to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and don't forget to subscribe if you haven't done.

Already and I'll see all of you in my next video.

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