It's Michigan Made! - Kar's Nuts

So what makes Michigan companies stand out one local business has a knack for making snacks.

If you have a craving for something sweet maybe salty with a good crunch well cars nuts has created the perfect blend that will satisfy just about any craving it's a winning combination when it comes to snacks cars sweet and salty mix combines sweet chocolate and raisins with salty peanuts and sunflower kernels to create the perfect blend of flavors sweet salty really is four separate snacks that have been combined into one package and you can eat them as a handful of all four at one time or you could break them up and eat them individually whether it's a single serving or piled high for a crowd it's guaranteed to be a hit the sweet and salty mix is Michigan made right here at cars nuts headquarters in madison heights the business has grown quite a bit since it first began more than 75 years ago cars was started back in the mid 30s by a woman woman by the name of sukar she was roasted nuts in her kitchen in her home which was near Tiger Stadium and started to sell the peanuts outside the ballpark to fans as they came to the games the nicolet family bought the company in the 1960s and today this family-owned operation is selling its snacks in all 50 states as well as Canada and Mexico cars nuts pose a lot of its success to a very strong and loyal both customer base in Michigan and consumers who have supported our products over many years if you took all the packages of cars nuts that are sold throughout any given year and lined them up and and they would stretch from the North Pole to the South Pole the sweet and salty mix is one of their best sellers among people of all ages kids love the variety of four different flavors in a single package and adults like the nutritious edge from the nuts and raisins and for athletes it's a great energy boost after a long run or workout car sweet and salty is a great on-the-go snack and now to make it more convenient for people we are offering it in a multi pack available in grocery stores or club stores as well making the sweet and salty mix starts in the roasting room where 2,000 pounds super sacks of raw peanuts and sunflower kernels are hoisted up into the air to fill giant hoppers when it comes to ingredients cars nuts is very choosy and jumbo runner peanuts they gave us the best size for each piece as well as the best flavor the raw peanuts and sunflower kernels fall from the hoppers into vibrating feeders from there they are conveyed into bucket elevators and are hoisted up 12 PD air and into the roasting hopper next the peanuts and kernels are spread onto another conveyor then they pass through the roaster where they're cooked just right in order to bring out the maximum flavor next they drop down a slide and enter the cooling tunnel where they're not only cool but also dusted with salt the finish nuts & kernels then slide into giant totes each one holds 1,000 pounds the totes our way and then whisked away to get combined with the raisins and chocolate we're in the blending room here at cars nuts and we have fine-tuned the blending process to ensure that each bag of sweet and salty has just the right amount of all four ingredients first onto the conveyor are the sunflower kernels followed by the peanuts raisins and then the chocolate peach is precisely weighed and gently shaken together by the conveyor belt to achieve the perfect blend of ingredients then it's off to the packaging room where the sweet and salty mix is dropped into packaging scales which way the exact amount of mix for each bag bags are formed and filled then conveyed to a robot that knows precisely how many to grab and gently place into cartons called caddies they are then sealed and dated and packed into cases that are shipped off to a store near you the cars makes a lot more than just sweet and salty mix each year they produce 20 million pounds of various nuts and mixes which are available at a variety of places including convenience stores and vending machines and don't forget the multi packs are now available in supermarkets too if for some reason your store does not currently carry cars please ask them for it.

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