Jaime Greenberg Nerium Eye V Moisture Boost Hydrogel

Hi guys it's jamie greenberg skin care expert at celebrity makeup artist and I was.

Psyched when Miriam launched their eye serum and now I'm even more sites because the eye serum is a perfect companion for the IV moisture boost hydrogel catches these are amazing. Okay, now nerium is really focused on the eyes right now it's because I the first thing to show your age so. This is a targeted application and it's just going to be this intense hydration around the eyes.

There's a couple of special things about these but kind of separates them from the other ones and that's I'm telling you about then last of all of these smooth these brighten and they firm the skin they're not goopy and sticky please come out they're super neat and the end goes up and then I'm going to put them underneath my are like.

They feel really cool i actually put them in the fridge for 5 minutes before we did this because i had a little puffiness today that's also a little pro tip if you want to even thermo react technology which is like once it gets your body heat involved it sticks and here is perfectly when you fall which is amazing the base of these is a louise juice water and super nutrient it also includes nerium exclusive ingredients there's glycerin lavender green tea these are hydrating properties these are soothing properties and what you get is just a well rested base. This is one of those products that I call a secret weapon what can you do to make yourself look the best in a small amount of times if you're feeling stress the cheek or you just feel like life is catching up with you for fine lines and wrinkles it's time to get serious and use your secret weapon.

Jaime Greenberg Nerium Eye V Moisture Boost Hydrogel

That you can look better before you put makeup on another thing I thought about. This is the name I be moistures it's an IV get it IV bringing all these nutrients to your under eye area that's genius hello.

Let's think about this for date nights late nights and long flights you know what to do you.

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