♡Japanese Drug Store Cosmetics Haul♡

Hello everyone.

Today I'm going to do a video on the stuff I got from japan and let's go here is everything I got well most of the stuff I got from japan and let's start with the primer. This is one of the best primers in the world and it is really good for oily skin and for summer times it's really long-lasting I don't know what's not good about it.

That's the primer yeah I also got these trio nail polishes that cheek just look really good and a special edition.

They have these gems that I can put on or stud i bought this nose powder thing from kate haven't used it yet and i also got a bunch of health products or diet products such as these haven't tried them all yet and also this health supplement um this replaces veggies or it has a lot of veggies.

♡Japanese Drug Store Cosmetics Haul♡

We can just take one and feel like you had some veggies and i got the strawberry thing from eugene super good super sweet i won't recommend to have it every day and oh my gosh one of my best coaches this eyeliner kids from tattoo Monday tattoo has a lot of eyeliners I think 55 eyeliner.

I think i can just drink this to Ellie and I can just use it without repurchasing eyeliners for the whole year probably I got a bunch of Facebook and I mask and this one heats up on your eyes and it's super soothing yes face mask bunch of face mask oh. This is for shorter or four period cramps and i also got one from sk 2 um i got this at the airport it's kind of expensive but i think it will be worth it haven't tried it yet and this one's for acne I heard a lot of good things about it haven't used it yet but it looks good and I'm to more face mask and these are super moisturizing I tried it and I loved it and to horn packs a face mask these are really good because it has line in the middle and you can just fit it towards the middle midline of your face and it just fits really well it's the line it's sort of stiff.

It holds the mass in place which makes it easy for you to put it on and peel it off and also once these ones are super big and juicy has a lot of essence in it and usually I can put this on use it and I have enough essence in the packet itself to put it all over my body that includes all my online both of my arms and both my legs and I also got this super good cotton had it saves a lot of toner actually and it's just super great and i love it and i'm using it right now as you guys can see when i open it it's as cotton pad that looks like this and it doesn't look that special but you can open it up and Cheer it just like this.

It's really great and then very very great and expensive my doll face powder thing and I heard it's really good and it's really pretty and it's limited edition and it was on sale.

You know how can I get it and I open it when I'm in a super good mood and I want to pass something new because now i still have my cotton candy from can make that face powder.

It's not necessary for me to open a new one but i'll save this for a special take another face mask super good to. This is whitening and a lot of contact lenses I'm in love with those one day contact lenses one day I'll write a review but I haven't used a lot of them. This is the bambi wine I love love love the color and the design I got this in Vancouver but I also got another one the same pack there's 30 in there and I gotta run in Japan because I really really like it and I also copy no one day soft lenses and the good thing about. This is that you don't have to purchase those contact lens solution because you can always use one and dump one within the day and it's also more sanitary you don't have to worry about getting cases for them because you know you just use them in Casa me.

I'm running our battery but the next video I'll do it on all the eyelashes I have which are in here and they're super pretty.

Please look forward to that video and that's it for this video please look forward to my next video with all my eyelashes and other makeup thank you very much for watching don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't done.

See you guys next time bye.

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