JessicaLynnOriginal How to Create this Card: Coffee Lovers Blog Hop Brentwood Owl Card Session: #18

Good morning my name is Jessica Lynne mold and I am the owner of Jessica Lynne original dot-com we are a rubber stamp company based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin I draw all of the art that you see for our stamps.

Let's go ahead and get started today I am.

Excited to announce that we are again a super sponsor of the coffee lovers blog hop for this summer 27 season. This is our digital stamp that you can download for free it is our adorable copyright little brentwood and you sitting there enjoying a nice coffee tea maybe it's even just water in a coffee cup whatever he wants this image is available for you to download for free we also have another mm probably 8 to 15 digital stamps that are available for purchase this summer all of our digital stamps are a dollar ninety-nine.

Be sure to head on over download him download a couple other ones and I can't wait to see what you create for the coffee lovers blog hops.

JessicaLynnOriginal How to Create this Card: Coffee Lovers Blog Hop Brentwood Owl Card Session: #18

Let's go ahead and we will get started with what we're going to create.

The first thing I'm going to do is I am going to go ahead and cut this little guy out now if you've never used digital stamps before they're extremely easy think of them just like clipart or anything like that you download you just go on out there download them you put them in a Word document print them off.

You can see I printed a whole bunch of them on the sheets I could print one huge 8 by 10 1 I could print a bunch of tiny ones whatever I'm looking for there is a tutorial video that we have on our youtube channel.

If you want to visually see how that process works it is out there.

I'll link it below alright.

I've got them all cut out and again I got three more waiting in the wings no pun intended the next thing I'm going to do is go pick some paper then you want to pick something I wish I had some oh you know what I have where is it let me see if I can find it once it looks like your house. Okay, I've got this set let me take a look at this little closer this one I got I got it online someplace sorry couldn't be any better help for you that's kind of cute - I'll use that it'll be like Brentwood mancave drinking his coffee you get out my copics here alright there are my coping and I think I guess when I make it kind of Amarone color.

Here we go alright.

Let's start by coloring amend if you need the actual colors for Brentwood he's always in a 33 or 34 those are his official colors now if you've never done the coffee lovers blog hop I'm going to include the link to that below it starts this Friday it is a blast there are a lot of prizes to be won.

Definitely check it out there cost nothing but it is a lot of fun and a lot of the people that you are going to encounter they are a lot of good feedback they'll come visit your blog.

If you want some feedback on your cards part of the hops that you are part of it.

You get to make a card and then all of the hoppers come to you.

It's a lot of fun I've met a lot of great people through the top it happens a couple times a year kind of looks like brown would just hook up and he's like oh I need my coffee Horton my tastes really good probably tastes very good based on what I see in the picture I draw all of the art that you see on my website.

I do a lot of custom stamps.

If you are looking for a stamp for the back of your cards and you want something hand-drawn and original or maybe you want a picture of your pet on the back side I can draw that for you I also do custom logo work.

If you wanted truly a custom logo I could design that for you as well be sure to visit our website again it's just just going original com then this all colored in like you sit in this little chair just like a paintbrush.

In this one is e zero eight in case you want to know what number it was kind of a chestnut reddish-brown alright I'll color him I'm going to come back in and do some more shadowing and they are bad this actually looks quite a bit like a couch recliner that we recently moved forward weeded up getting a new couch a couple weeks ago.

We got one of those huge chaise lounge oh my god it's ginormous it's big enough that I can actually cut it with both my daughters and my husband it's crazy maybe a little too big but it's cool we do love it it's really nice alright I'm call and again I just want with the official Brownwood colors I have seen them in gray I even saw a pink Brentwood that was really cute. Okay.

Now the cool part is it's your coffee mug.

You could design the coffee mug to have whatever you want on it you could leave it white you could add text you know we are going to be adding some coffee quotes to our website.

Maybe you put you know coffee survival or you put life is too short for bad coffee or life is scary without coffee or a day like coffee is just kidding I have no idea but you can go ahead and add whatever you want on your coffee mug what's kind of fun about that is then it's your design for your coffee mug.

You can really make it personable for someone or personalize.

Online I'm going to put will make it a little motivational one.

Here I'm just going to write you can do it.

Brentwood is starting off this morning with a nice cup of coffee with his inspirational mug that is reminding him that he can do it he's a superstar Brentwood you can do it and I'm just going to call it that mug in with some blue.

Again just alright.

Let's go ahead and finish coloring this I left this shirt white because I wanted some contrast forget that all Corden.

My pile of kopecks can head off to Kovac box this should be the Copacabana reality kind of fun um I'm going to get my cardstock a little different here might start by signing it right we're going to get out our glue and glue this up and it's a hard note just.

That you know if you say I really like a sample card that I've seen you make I do sell them on my Etsy store my Etsy store is JL mold mo uld

If you were interested in actually purchasing any of these cards if you said I love the way this I love how she colored I love this car I love everything about it I just I want that card we do sell them.

Some of them I do keep or use or give away but if you're interested in seeing if we had one that you saw they were like oh I really liked that dog card does come in it or whatever don't be afraid to head on over to our Etsy stores that one is Jael mo uld just type that in just like that and it will take you to my Etsy store my Etsy store also has a bunch of custom rubber stamps.

A little different than my regular store that has mostly clear and digital's we're going to be adding this fall all of the custom stamps to Jessica Lynne original comm as well.

If you are interested in custom stamps we are going to add those we do right now have the custom ones where you can do you like the back and Vil of stuff like that but we have a ton of ready to go designs and those will be coming to the Jessica land original website this fall.

There we go.

My click an easy digital card now again a couple of things you could have made this a Father's Day card you don't father share love you dad or a dad on the mug we just.

You know a couple of quick things obviously this digital stamp will be available at our website which is Jessica Lynne original com. Okay.

I don't over get that we also are doing this summer a whole series of quick and easy 4x4 dog stamps.

I just released the wiener dog or the Dutch mount.

That's out there I've also got the boxer and I've also got a fire war fire using fire a fox terrier which is like a little is really cute little dog The Wire Fox Terrier it's very cute and what we're doing is these are all limited edition ten or less.

There's really low inventory on these.

If you want one of these make sure you pick them up ASAP because they are very limited edition.

Again there's this there's a couple others.

If you just search our dog stamps you'll find those as well but again. This is our coffee lovers blog hop stamps go ahead and download it it is free.

It is a free Bruntlett he will only be free during the blog lovers hops.

Once that's over he go becomes a pain stamp but by all means go check him out he's adorable I cannot wait to suit you create don't forget to tag us when you make this card you know if you upload it either share it on our website or tag us you can take us with just jessica lynn original hashtag just going to ridge '''l and we'll get notification that you went ahead and you uploaded something we love seeing it don't forget to add it to the blog hop too and I'll include the link when you go and download because you're eligible for there's about 40 different vendors who are giving away prizes.

Why not make a card and try to win you know you don't think it's nice to is it'll bring a bunch of people to your website they can come take a look at what you're doing leave you some feedback give you some love here just drew a little outline on it. Okay.

You can see it's all set and ready to go if you like what we're doing here on youtube please go ahead I'm going to pop a little Bruntlett up it's going to look just like this guy right here click on that and click subscribe there's nothing that cost you anything to subscribe it just means that you're following us on YouTube.

Please do that also if you want leave us some comments below I'd love to hear from you I thank you again and I hope that you have a wonderful day I am going to pop up two more videos for you to watch if you're interested thank you again have a great day.

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