Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Woodland Santa and Baby Figurine on QVC

Brand-new today on two easy payments and so here we get a little bit of the faith mixed in with the Santa you know that was the that was the original intent of this concept this is not the first time I've done them folks out there that are familiar with my line probably remember the several times already that I've done this basic you know concept of Santa kind of paying homage to the baby Jesus now initially when I started that I had no intention of selling it or putting it on the line it was done for my children as kind of a I don't know teaching moment I guess you might say to get the point across that that you have to prioritize you know the elements of Christmas and there's there's two there's the secular side and that's what Santa Claus and that's a lot of fun as gift giving and you know the celebration all that stuff but you don't you don't forget the fact that the real reason is the birth of our crisis we're really fell exactly and so you know the two go together naturally you know because we sit celebrating on the same day but one is paying homage and deference you know and respect you know to the to the other and that was the that was the point I was trying to get across now when i made the pieces initially you know then people well in the family liked it and our friends like it more and more people like that they said you had to share this you need to put this on the line so i did but since so since then i've done it in the different various styles that I sort of jump around from and in this case it's kind of the woodland you know that we talked about just a little bit earlier animal scene so once again that you've got this collection of not the traditional the sheep and the donkey an account on and that sort of thing looking but you've got you've got animals and everybody out there is familiar with you know there you got the deer in the and the raccoon and rats are little squirrel and they they're all you know of course recognizing you know who they haven't found out too well I like the reverence that Santa has he's kneeling before the baby Jesus that's the point and this is the first time we're seeing this in the woodland so if you do love this muted palette this very neutral palette maybe this speaks to you over close to a hundred now ordered and this uneasy pay so keep that in mind it's a brand-new piece you know really and and you talked about I'm glad you brought up that thing about the color because it is a muted color and I didn't necessarily do that for the purposes of making it more of a dick decor piece but that is the result you know it's not something that it sort of shouts out hey hi mom heartwood creek and I'm Jim Tory now but with all the colors that I usually use now but it's it's more subtle and it's more subdued and I think it because of that it lends itself better maybe to the subject at hand yeah and I do love that the shot of color the green really it's almost like that halo of light around the baby Jesus by having the greenery and that's exactly exactly why i did get so you'd have a focal point you know usually not on it okay usually when I do a piece of artwork whether it's a painting or sculpture whatever I do the you know the eye test and it's a test I showed somebody and I want them to look and see where their land whatever if it falls somewhere chances are that that area is wrong because you don't want the aight you want the eye to be visually interested all over the place and but not in not here i wanted there to be a focal point and obviously it was it was Jesus that I wanted to be the focal point so that is where your eye is drawn and the rest of it is peripheral yes you know so booking close to 300 now ordered we didn't bring a lot of these in these pieces are new and many of them exclusive in our show today this is our woodland Santa and baby figurine it will measure six and a half inches tall at about five and a half inches in the width and I do love again that you're bringing in faith with like you said the secular so then we always have a reminder of the reason for the season well it's always important in our household and you know even back when we were kids you know my dad would we would we would either sing songs together as a family and we are we would read the night before Christmas you know something like that but Dad well he's read then out of the Bible we had a family bible he would read to you know the the birth story and that was part of our traditions so it's always been you know together in my mind you know so this was a good way of expressing that you know and and you know we talked about symbolism and that sort of thing there's symbolism within this piece because I've used the the lily motif that I used so frequently when I am depicting the birth of sea of Jesus because the lily motif is the is the death symbol hmm so and the the death and the resurrection is course the most important aspect in the story that's at the end and this is at the beginning and so I always split a little bit of symbolism try to tie that together mm-hmm kind of like a foreshadow and I usually keep that a secret so anybody out there who's listening just keep it to yourself but what will I like that you did to that with us Jim because then we can look even closer at your pieces and then realize like you said there is more to than what weird maybe at first at first glance you know I want people to understand that you know that as an artist I'm not just I'm not just in a studio cranking out stuff you know oh it's another Santa it's another angel it's another something there there you know these pieces mean something to me and and I I try to convey that you know to the people that are that are collecting and I so many of them understand that you know and I think that that lends a certain there's a certain value to it that's so much more than just you know what the dollars are what the something is you know there's a I've always thought that there's an emotional well the value of a piece can be its that comes out the emotional thing that you get from a piece is proportional to what the artists themselves puts into it and it has to be genuine you know like I say it can't be just okay I'm whittling I don't know write something you know it's got to be something that I care about and it might be whimsical it might be something might be my mood it might be you know I might be happy i might be celebrating something i might be you know sad and lamenting something and that often time comes through and my work and so this is a piece that is touched me it's touched my friends of my family and i'm very hopeful that we'll have the same type of effect on the folks out there that honor me by by collecting it well we didn't bring in a lot of this particular figurine we're already through half of the quantity so only about 400 remaining just a reminder that this is our last full hour jim shore program of the year so he we filled this show with lots of new pieces you've never seen before to help you decorate for the holiday season for holiday 2016 and just a quick reminder if you're just joining us good morning welcome on in we saw the brand new Santa advent calendar so
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