Johnson 2hp Outboard with Nova II (Nova 2) Electronic Ignition

This is the 1981 - horsepower Johnson the leopard when I bought it the head gasket was blown and between the gallery and the main cylinder I've replaced if you guessed it and it's sort of wheat.

Then I replaced the took the top off and placed the coil and the lead the HT lead and placed the fuel line and I've also taken off the took out the points and condenser and replaced it with an over to electronic ignition module from a lawnmower now it's now running pretty sweetly you can see up under here never to module have to see in but dark either yeah I just screw it straight to the bottom of the the flywheel housing and the wires are going up through the whole weather condenser used to be screwed in and I just put a bit of our TV around on top of that to stop any water getting up into the the hole where the wires go through it doesn't really matter I don't think the Nova 2 is completely waterproof.

Get rid of any damp points problems and it near seems to run pretty sweetly this has been running.

You shouldn't be any drums restrictive she won't understand pretty much today as you can see it's pretty sweet I think it's mostly due to the electronic ignition really seems to fix my problems it's all good.

Johnson 2hp Outboard with Nova II (Nova 2) Electronic Ignition

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