Juki DDl 8700 Single Needle Sewing regular material and leather Review 2015

Dukey DDL 8700 as you see this machine provide with a brand new table a brand new servo brushless motor excellent excellent condition and one you want a and defects and I now we're going to demonstrate the machine to work as you see the machine in this moment is on but you don't hear anything is no evaporation or nothing when I'm going to start working with the machine you can hear the stitch only only the machine we're going to hear and here you go as you see that you hear the machine only you don't hear no motors or nothing and you have a reverse on it and you see how beautifully works in very quiet good good dip the foot and you can do big stitch small stitch a reverse we're going to change the stitches to a smaller one and then you see your stitches it's very small stitches as you see over here and we you can also sew some letter with this machine okay. This is DDL 8,700 which we demonstrate before to show the fabric as you see over here back tack and regular thread back and forth stitch with a small needle now what we did is we change the foot and we put a gold needle to sew letter as you see that's the gold needle over here. This is a gold needle alright and now we're going to sew the letter to show you this machine can do because we put a special timing.

You can use light heavy and all just changing the needles because this needle it's fine needles and this gold needle heavy and we change also the thread the thread is a p69 for later and you can see the stitches are back and forth now when you start doing it you have to look at the back if you're going to see that kind of the trade pulling poking out you're gonna put more tension and when you put more tension that would be smooth and you can change also you size of the stitches big or small and. This is our reverse over here.

We show you right now we let me saw the letter and here's a new piece all I put is under me and go for it and the machine is very quiet because it's a sort of brushless motor and you can go fast if you want you can go whatever you want to do wallets reverse see that how beautiful it is. Okay, and thank you very much for Michael Slaby sewing machine company that's doing now as you see that I can go double and take a look at the machine look at that stitch alright.

We always can help you on the right way thank you very much from atlas levy.

Juki DDl 8700 Single Needle Sewing regular material and leather Review 2015

Machine company some it sold you.

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