Jumbo BAR-B-QUE Sunflower Seeds Unboxing

Everybody I got a special unboxing today got a very special package today.

Let's see what it is I'm going to open it up don't bother looking at the addressed as the address is already marked off.

Soon as you got inches oh we got a nice special secret today just came off work a nice little surprise waiting for me at home Oh Gaming Control is a control freak is it another copy of the last of us sunflower seeds living jumbo BBQ that's one that's two that's three yes oh that's five that's six that's seven that's it that's nice that's 10 11 12 x12 jumbo BBQ sunflower seeds David sell flower seeds expiration date is March of 2016.

You know what that means we watch a lot of sports no I don't actually watch a lot of sports actually play a lot of sports but that's not the point the point is I gotten out of softonic seated.

Let's see jumbo 12 ounces BBQ I love barbecue if only they made nacho cheese in the sauce flavor but in this size bag they don't have it 19-26 you know it be happy that's the logo that's what it's all about is what I liked about these new jumbo bags that they they got a resealable top right here resealable mechanism.

You know you don't have to eat this all in one sitting I mean who the hell is crazy enough to do that who's the fat has to do it.

Yeah I got 12 pieces for boxes 12 jumbo saw flower seeds and I encourage you all to get them do you guys like sunflower seeds what kind of flavor do you like flavor do you like jalapeno do you like cracked pepper do you like nacho cheese do you like ranch do you like original do you like pumpkin seeds leave a comments below and you guys wanna see any more great unboxing just let me know and I mighty a piece.

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