Hey guys!.

In today's video I'm going to be sharing with you my June favorites yes June I cannot believe June is almost over I know everybody says that about every month but like actually June has been the craziest month of my life I think. This is the most I've traveled in a very long time and like a span of the month I travel for two weeks straight came back for like four days went to New York I'm back for a few days and I leave for LA in like two days.

It's been such a crazy month but I'm.

Blessed I've had such an amazing time.


Like I said I'm gonna share with you guys my favorites for the month I am doing a first impression right now.

If you haven't seen it I'll link it down below because it should be up before this one it's on the covergirl clean matte BB cream.

Definitely check that out and down below first thing I'm going to mention to you guys is makeup brushes and this one right here has been amazing amazing amazing I love it.

Much. This is a great dupe for the NARS brush that's like this I forget what it's called it's like a different kind of name but it looks exactly like this and I actually got this from Ulta for $20 which is a deal compared to the other one that Norris has then honestly I felt that NARS won this one feels exactly like it and it blends product.

Well and what I love about this brush is that it's a multi-purpose brush you can use it to set your face you can use it for bronzer you can just for blush anything you want to use it for this brush is perfect for that because it's not too big it's not too small it's very fluffy and it just blends.

Well I highly recommend checking out this brush from japonesque I believe they have a few more brushes that I want to go back and check out because. This is.

Good that I'm like anymore and then. This is my favorite highlighting brush right now it's the Anastacio eight to three a two three not eight to three I don't know if I mentioned this to you guys a couple months ago but if I didn't I'm itching it now and if I did I'm mentioning it now because it is.

Awesome I love this highlighting brush it's like that perfect shape where it just fits right on the top of your cheekbone and just blends highlight.

Well I'm obsessed with this highlighting brush I definitely think it's worth the money. This is just.

Easy to apply it and buff in to the cheek definitely check out this brush if you're looking for a new one it's.

Freakin good.

Freaking good.

Now I'm going to mention to you a couple hair products I have a ton of questions from you guys all the time asking me what my hair care routine is and I just have it really done a hair care routine because I use a lot of the same products I just switch up different things depending on what my hair looks like.

I went lighted with my hair as you guys know and one of my favorite shampoos. This is been my favorite shampoo for a while I think it was like the first time I went blonder last year I use a shampoo and I'm just obsessed with it. This is the bubble and bubble BB hairdressers invisible oil to sulfate free shampoo and it has six but I like oils to help soften silken tamed ypres detangle and protect. This is such a great product if you have really dry ends if your coloring your hair a lot if your hair is very tangling my hair gets.

Insanely tangley insanely timely my hair gets.

Tangling and. This is just amazing it honestly feels.

Good when I wash my hair with this it doesn't make my hair feel dry when I'm shampooing it and then when I blow-dry my hair I just blew dry my hair today and it's been kind of frizzy and just because I've been going lighter with it but it looks good to me I think this looks pretty good.

I love this definitely check it out if you have dry damaged hair color treated hair anything like that you just want a really nice shampoo that's like worth the money. This is just such a good product I enjoy it.

Much it has a great scent.

Going on to just a couple more things for my hair I'm going to quickly shop them out you guys know I've been using this for years honestly I don't even know when the first time I started using this was it's the kinder platinum blow dry spray. This is just amazing at giving you a nice shine to your hair and it does help your hair dry faster when you're blow-drying it I can't stay away from this product like I just love the way it makes my hair look whenever I don't use it I can tell that my hair is not as shiny I highly recommend this if you want to cut down drying time and add some shine to your hair. This is definitely the product for you and then another one that I've been incorporating into my routine is this kenra platinum revive complex leave-in fortifier basically it says that it hydrates perfects and protects the formula combat dehydration 495 95% less breakage after the first use provides thermal protection up to 450 degrees and improves the appearance of dry brittle ends totally agree it really just smooths down my hair they also have a frisk control that is amazing I just can't find it right now because it's all packed up but that's amazing - I've just been using this when I'm home and I love it it makes my skin feel.

Smooth they don't look frizzy it just it's just perfect one more thing before we go on to makeup are actually two more things one thing is a body product I actually got this in Alice in Charleston Charleston the Victoria's Secret seduction of fragrance mist I'm obsessed with the way that the smelled is amazing the only thing I don't like is that it does not last a long time at all like I don't smell this for a long period of time I need to see if they have a perfume of this if you guys know if they do let me know down below but this smells.

Freaking good like seduction I totally get it it's it oh it's.

Good it just smells amazing and honestly I could drench myself in this for my skin I've been using a new exfoliator I've been looking for one because I feel like the cake Somerville one was breaking me out I don't know what happened it was good for such a long time and then my face just started randomly breaking out but since I switched over like my exfoliator I have been doing really well my skin hasn't broke out at all so. This is the Dior instant gentle exfoliant with pure lily extract and it's for all skin types and. This is Dior.

It is very pricey but honestly I feel like skincare is something you should save up for because you have your skin for the rest of your life and you want to take care of it when I look for exfoliators I look for something that is going to completely exfoliate my skin but not be very harsh because I do have sensitive skin as well so. This is that perfect combination it's a creamy formula but it does have like gentle beads in there that just exfoliate the skin and it doesn't your take me at all and when I had done my Sephora haul I had like peeling all over the tops of my forehead I was just a hot mess from like here back to my scalp but I used this and it took off all of that dead skin and it made it.

Smooth and it even made it feel hydrated that's what I love about this product it just made my skin feel.

Good and I felt like I had my skin back because it was.

Dry and nothing no none make up I put on look good on my forehead but this helped within a couple of days to just exfoliate that area and to get all of that dead skin off.

I really like it I don't use it every single day I just use it every other day every three days it just depends on what's going on with my skin but I really love it it has a fresh scent and I definitely think that it is worth the money alright moving oh hello moving on to makeup I want to mention a couple different things first thing I'm just going to quickly mention the anasazi a bloke it and that glow I have been wearing this out this month I mix a lot of these shades together mainly these three I love them.

Much I've used them on my eyes my brows my face I've used them on my body absolutely everywhere I love them they're very very pigmented and they're perfect for summer because they just have that golden glow on the stasi a glow kitten that glow is definitely a must-have product and then another thing I mentioned this last month it's the desert dunes baked bronzer in warm melange. This is from Kiko cosmetics eye I still really love this it's amazing but I also wanted to include this highlighter I took this with me on my cruise and I loved it. This is the Kiko desert moon highlighter in Desert Rose I have been.

Skeptical of highlighters like this because I'm usually not one that likes the beaded highlighters I'm like this.

Gimmicky like why would you even want to use that I don't get it but I got this and I was like what the hell I'm gonna try it and honestly you guys it is such a beautiful highlighter it just gives you the most gorgeous glow of your life you definitely want to use a brush with it.

I like to use the honest Asya one but once you take this and like add it onto your face it just gives the most gorgeous glow to your skin I already have like.

Much highlighter on but honestly it's it's.

Beautiful trust me when I say. This is amazing if you just want that everyday glow nothing too intense just something very pretty and kind of looks natural kind of not because you could tell you have a highlighter on it's.

Beautiful the beads are gorgeous formula it just slides over your skin it doesn't like accentuate pores or texture anything like that it's.

Nice it a pretty large package but. This is.

Good moving on to brows I have been using the benefit Cabral. This is the pomade I'm in number four the shades are very forgiving I thought I was going to be a lighter shade since I did go lighter with my hair but four does work out for me it matches my roots fairly well.

Definitely check this out I've been using it over my Anastacio pomade. This is just what it looks like on the inside and it does have a little brush here on the end what I mainly use this for is if I mess up and I need to go on with concealer that's what I'll use this brush for but it's not my favorite to actually fill in my brows.

Just figured I would mention that to you guys this formula is really good and it stays on for such a long time.

Benefit cut brow is one to try I know everybody's been talking about them but if you have to have one thing from the line and you love brow pomade. This is definitely the product that I would suggest the only kind of out of order none of. This is in order at all as you can tell but I have been loving this primer. This is the Cain and Austin prime and protect mattifying primer it has SPF 50 in it and. This is such a great smoothing mattifying primer for those with oily skin and even think if you have normal skin you could use this it's not a mattifying primer where it's going to like suck the life out of your skin and really dry everything out it just smooths over your pores filled them in and gives you just this nice matte base to put your foundation on top and it is it's just the best I am.

Obsessed with this I'm.

Happy that I decided to try this out because I've never tried anything from this brand before but this with my Smashbox primer water I just love this I mean I'm gonna use it with like every primer for the rest of my life but that with. This is just.

Good this does kind of even out the skin tone as well.

That's a bit that's even a better plus I just have a tip to it as you can see right there it's more of a thicker primer but you guys is.

Good is that silicone base that it gives it's just oh my god it's amazing please try this out I highly recommend it I got it Oh - Sephora I don't believe they have this in the store.

Been using the Too Faced Born This Way concealer mine's like super dirty right now but this one's in lye medium I'm also using the shade medium right now just because I'm a little bit more tan but. This is a great concealer I mentioned again in my last video that this does have really great coverage if you think that the Born This Way Foundation doesn't have that much coverage definitely give this a try because I was thinking that. This is going to be a little bit more sheer because that foundation is like a medium to full coverage and I think my Urban Decay Naked skin concealer is definitely more full coverage it brightens up that area it does have a scent to it it's not terrible just know it does have a scent but once you blend everything in and you set your concealer you'll be fine you won't even notice that it has a scent the Too Faced natural radiant Born This Way concealer is awesome I do quickly want to mention my translucent setting powder that I've been using it's the shadow or shishito I'm sorry I need to read the comments again and remember how to say this if they're translucent setting powder and I love it is such a finely milled powder and it's really just melt into the skin makes everything look beautiful and when you dust it away it just leaves a nice smooth flawless finish currently obsessed with this I wanted to kind of switch up with my Laura Mercier powder and try something new.

I have been really loving that and I just would quickly want to shout out this meat matrimony matte eyeshadow palette from the balm I took this on most of my trips and I really liked it it's just the all matte eyeshadow palette which is super useful I mean you could do.

Many different looks with this palette I love the shades that they have in here you know you have a lot of good transition shades you have a lot of good dark matte shades in some other shades to kind of put all over the lid and to highlight with.

This has been one of my favorites it's a good palette to use either by itself or with other palettes that are more shimmery it's good and the mirror is pretty awesome as well. Okay, then the last things I want to mention makeup wise are these newest Smashbox liquid lipsticks guys I have decided that these are my ABS no not today I have decided that these are definitely my favorite matte liquid lipsticks I have put these to the test these are all I've been using all month I even switched it up and started using the Too Faced what is it the melted liquid lipsticks and I do like those but I like these better I like the way they wear better I like the way they feel better it's just such a great formula there's.

Many different colors that I like to like I can't just pick one.

I'll list them all down below the two that I have right here that I absolutely am obsessed with are driver's seat look at how pigmented that is and I love this applicator right here - it's.

Awesome it holds just enough product to put it all over your lips you don't have to keep going back into the product to get more.

I love that and this one is also babe alert this one actually went through my washer and dryer.

Shout out to it for lasting through that. This is more of a pinky tone I love it.

So beautiful what else on my cruise there was a couple nights where I forgot to take off my makeup just because you get a little too rowdy and you forget to take off your makeup.

I would put those on and literally the next morning it looked like I just applied lipstick it was the craziest thing I was like. Okay, these are awesome it says they're eight hour wear but I think you can wear them for even longer than that that they're just.

Good I'm not just saying that because I'm collabing with this brand I'm saying that because it's literally the best liquid lipstick that I have tried I would not steer you wrong I highly suggest you guys go trying a couple shades out I'll leave my favorite shades down below because I have.


If you guys are wondering what's on my eyes right now it is the lorac pro number 3 palette I absolutely love this I am only used it once.

I'm not going to tell you to go buy it right now now but it is what I use I love it I think I'm going to do a tutorial on this look but I just want to shout this out just in case you were wondering now I'm going to mention to you guys music favorites I have quite a few favorites just because I didn't mention any last month always if you guys don't follow my Spotify I will leave it in this video right here just.

You can go check it out and see what I'm loving throughout the month I've been loving really really from Kevin gates just because it really just pumps me up and I like to dance and I've been doing lots of road trips and listening to music on planes.

I just love to be in a really good mood and this song does that for me.

It's really really by Kevin gates I just love that song I think it's funny i think it's fun.

That's one of my favorites and then i'm also been loving hype by drake Drake's new album it's just.

Good and this one is my current favorite that I'm just putting on repeat look what I've done in my life I did counted and counted again and make sure the money was right they let it talk me I'm just done and I hide me I'm just done in I hide me I'm just done done done done country wise I've been loving Kelsea Ballerini 's yeah boy I think it's the cutest song ever and I've just been enjoying it.

Much blue jeans in a bar. Okay, I think in the same oh yeah. Okay, ariana grande came out her album what was it last month I've been listening to all of it and I love all of it this song is my favorite it's called sometimes you take honestly I've listened to that.

Much I wouldn't be surprised if Davis knew the words that another one I've been loving is like I would buy Zayn I know it's crazy I didn't ever think it would be like as a fan but I'm really enjoying this song every time I start doing the music favorites in videos that alter like what mama do when I will play. Okay, that's what I want to mention is Dierks Bentley somewhere on a beach I've been wearing this song out the past couple months it's just.


Oh my guns are just here chillin Usos away what are you guys my little children anyways. This is Dierks Bentley somewhere on the beach and she's not. Okay, guys.

That is all my favorites for the month of June I really hope you guys enjoyed it again don't forget to leave a comment down below letting me know what you've been loving it for the month of June and also give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and I will see you guys in just a few days with another video bye hey good morning come on yeah.

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