Just Like Home Grocery Shopping Basket Playset Pretend Play Grocery Shopping!

Hey everyone awesome Disney toes here and today we're bringing you another just like home playset this one's called shopping basket last time we got a crate full of vegetables but I think we'll be finding more than just vegetables in this basket I'm sure most of you know what shopkins are doesn't this remind you of a big shopkins basket alright it's time to go check out our items take this plastic wrapper off there's even a plastic cover nice I'm already liking this basket the first item we see is french fries you guys like corn because I got three right here here are two tomatoes YUM we get four potato chips we get two yummy croissants for breakfast we can eat the cereal I hear that just like home bread is really good check out the nutrition facts can't wait try it we'll need to add some fruit to our diet so here are some grapes yes we get one large white egg oh actually we get two large white eggs we still have to eat healthy so here are two eggplants and when we're not eating healthy we can eat these two chocolate muffins for dessert here's some more fruit these are pears we get some hamburger buns I'll need to go and buy some hamburger patties hello get ready for the tear works here's an onion this looks like ooh we get some canned corn and I believe this is ah it's a can of tuna now let's check out these boxes here's a box of flour we could have Italian knight and make some pasta sweet we get a box full of cookies if we need to cool down we could eat some of these popsicles and here's something to snack on it's a box full of pretzels okay let's see if we find some cookies inside this box what I got gypped just kidding there's actually nothing in all these boxes so I'll throw some potato chips in this cookie box now it feels like we have something hmm you think there's anything in this pasta box nope no worries we could throw in some french fries whoo now that we saw the items of the basket let's do a quick recap here's a box of pasta a box of flour here's the box full of cookies the box of pretzels a box of popsicles here's a cereal box I'll put that there my mouth is drooling here are two chocolate muffins to Tomatoes here are the two french fries to grapes to croissants to pears three corns a can of tuna a can of corn two large white eggs 2 eggplants two onions here are the hamburger buns and the four potato chips there's a lot in the shopping basket I'm pretty hungry right now so I'm gonna go make something see you guys well this is a lot of fun thanks for watching be sure to subscribe to watch more also if you haven't done so already be sure to follow me on Instagram Facebook and Twitter the links are in the description box below
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