We're out here beautiful Hawaii again [Music] what's up guys Manning here and yeah I'm in Hawaii it's beautiful out here well my parents house or staying here for the time being and I got to say it's amazing out here how green it is how beautiful it is and yeah it's really really warm but uh yeah we're gonna go explore check out some places and uh I'll take you guys with me I'll see you guys in a bit yeah so guys we're on the low side of the island I'm gonna check out looks like we found a turtle so I want to show you guys what's up show you guys the beautiful view here and why it's always perfect every day but a little commotion going on over here because there's a turtle let's check it out alright guys we're out we're out here in beautiful Hawaii again and it's kind of rocky I'm barefoot so let's check out the view out here it's amazing obviously it's a beautiful day like always check out the view in the ocean there's Turtles popping up out here behind me hopefully if the the camera gets it you'll see a turtle's head pop up behind me it's epic okay a nice beautiful day the sun's out the weather is amazing my brother's here say hi hey my dad's up here - hi - hi listen just having a blast out here checking out the Turtles checking out the view gonna say it's awesome economy I know you had some surfer dudes are catching some waves out there right all right like right around here right here that's pretty awesome I believe my son right over here somewhere so guys so we stopped that little cuckoo cuckoo lands farms who they got a bunch of fruits and stuff so I'm gonna pick up some sugarcane and some other fruits you guys get to see them probably some pineapple to maybe some mango we'll see ya soon okay delicious yeah that looks good all right that's um what is this green green mango green mango with some morphine yeah if we get a bit on this remember wanted to get up he might have been doing it I wanna shower yeah another lamb with the gun it's good though so that about a little bit of coconut delicious okay can I put this what is it was a spicy lamb tagine wait are you cousin Reggie auntie why I didn't like spices that has no salt jeepers young coconut my brother that's still pretty delicious a new example yeah dude I so got the pineapple Lily hewants one of my favorites it's a it looks spicy but it's not spicy it's like salty sweet and sour because the pineapple me how delicious it's been a while since I've had some of the human carnival come out to bring back some back to Japan we should the Japanese what's up mmm that's a fresh coconut I guess I'll eat some more young coconut so misses once that my mom sees me a lot i'ma left you I know my cooking dinner sir how's it go down [Music] you
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