KAI Homeless Hitchhiker: The New Antoine Dodson

Hi. This is darwin welcome to Darwin's theory we have a RumorFix exclusive today thanks to the amazing geniuses over at ute for those of you who don't already know him meet come on I'm Kai God can I get spelling for straight out of Dogtown ki yeah I give a last name no I don't have anything how old are you I can't call it we can't call it either but we're guessing kai is somewhere between the ages of old enough to know better but too young to give us yeah I'm talk to you mine we want to talk about we could always talk about your shocking resemblance to both Antoine Dobson and Apolo Anton Ohno don't ask me how that's possible I was in the passenger side of the car comes driving down this way he's like you know what I've come to realize I've Jesus Christ and I can do anything I've to and watched it BAM and he smashed into this I right there pinned him in between that frog and if you started driving that car around again man there would've been a lot of bodies around here when these two women are trying to help him he runs up when he grabs one of them man like a guy that big can stop a woman's neck like a pencil stick.

If behind him with the hatchet smash smash smash oh yeah we can talk about that story too whatever whatever you want to talk about what made you take the actions that you did that woman was in danger he just finished what looked like at the time killing somebody and if I hadn't done that he would kill more people multiple eyewitnesses and local police are hailing Kai as a hero after he provided a 300-pound man claiming to be Jesus from going on a killing spree with nothing more than a hatchet and I don't care none neither attitude I jit smash smash smash what's up now fat Jesus kmph who broke the original story caught up with Kai again this week just in time to reveal the Chi also has some massive ink on his back thanks to her for the new puter have two different find this video hi play the ukulele last year and steals per day son doesn't seem like you have any concern for yourself you're all about I mean doing the right thing and not even worried about ty first I don't have any family like as far as far as anybody I grew up with is concerned I'm already dead.

One all everything kai says doesn't exactly make perfect sense but he's beyond how they loud and she's rapping you know what I'm saying his hatchet smash smash.

Man and his heart and fez Mattie looks skills or age or size or anything you're worth while I was like the biggest wave I've ever written in my life this has been Darwin's theory with a social media news exclusive for RumorFix thanks again to our friends at you for keeping us in the loop and ahead of the game as always you want to check out more of my crazy crap click right here if you want to check out RumorFix.

You can figure out what's true what's not true in Hollywood which is like the most awesome thing ever click right here what's gonna be more of me more room fix oh I know just one see you.

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