Kate makes first speech as Duchess of Cambridge

First of all I'd like to say thank you thank you for not only accepting me as a patron thank you also for inviting me here today you have all made me feel.

Welcome I feel hugely honored to be here to see this wonderful Center I am only sorry that William partly here today he would love it here a view of his that I share is that through teamwork.

Much can be achieved what you have all achieved here is extraordinary you as a community have built the treehouse a group of people who have made every effort to support and help each other when I first visited the hospice in Milton I had a preconceived ideas to what to expect far from being a clinical depressing place for Sick Children it was a home most importantly it was a family home a happy place of stability support and care it was a place of fun today I have seen again that the tree house is all about family and fun for many. This is a home from home a lifeline enabling families to live as normally as possible during a very precious period of time what you do is inspirational it is a shining example of the support and the care that is delivered not just here but in the children's hospice movement at large up and down the country the feelings you inspire feelings of love and of hope offer a chance to families to live a life they never thought could be possible.

Thank you again for inviting me here today I feel enormously proud to be part of East Anglia's children's hospices and to see the wonderful life-changing work that you do thank you you.

Kate makes first speech as Duchess of Cambridge

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