Kicked in the nuts by wife; boy in coma after ball-squeezing prank - testicle pain compilation

Tomoe news presents kicked in the nut life kicks husband in the balls gets caught on GoPro and arrested 37 year-old Michelle Novak was arrested on Thursday for kicking her estranged husband in the testicles while he was dropping off the kids in her custody the victim Michael Novak was wearing a GoPro camera which documented the assault mr. Novak was dropping his children off with his wife who according to the police report he still lives with though they are in the middle of a divorce around 9:45 a.m. Michelle who is listed in the police report as a domestic engineer in other words a stay-at-home parent snuck up behind her husband and hit him in the testicles while he was unbuckling their children from the car the incident was caught on a GoPro camera that he was wearing due to issues in the past with incidents like this Michelle was arrested at 10:00 a.m. and charged with a misdemeanor domestic battery she pleaded not guilty and was released from police custody the judge ordered her to not have direct contact with her husband man tries to fool dog with fake throw dog rips his nuts recently an Aussie dude named Paul suffered one of the worst fates imaginable for a man after a dog ahem degloved his penis according to the herald-sun the bite from the Staffordshire Bull Terrier ripped Paul's penis skin from the base to the tip pouch while playing with his buddy's dog on Sydney's Bondi Beach he reportedly pretended to throw the ball but then hit it between his legs though the dog being a dog soon acquired his target and went to fetch it anyway once the dog got the ball but also degloved the man's penis meaning he tore the skin paramedics were seemingly taken aback by Paul's horrific injury nevertheless he was rushed to the hospital where he received 100 stitches for the damaged double ouch the aftermath of the whole incident was caught on camera for the hit Aussie TV show Bondi rescue and will be broadcast in Australia this weekend Russian soap actor claims the doctor swiped his balls while he slept actor Dmitry nikolaevitch go has landed himself in an all too real soap opera after a blonde woman report Li drugged him and stole his precious jewels the 30 year old says an attractive woman approached him at a bar after a performance and invited him to a sauna he obliged the two shared some drinks and smooches and that's the last thing he remembers Dmitri who by the way is married says he woke up the next day at a random bus stop in acute pain when he looked down he found blood in his trousers but no balls the woman is reportedly part of an organ trafficking team that also includes a doctor trouble is you can't get a testicle transplant so the gangs effort would have been fruitless doctors did say though that whoever swiped his sack did so in a skillful way but the whole thing still sounds a tad bit well bollocks Swedes and Danes who like to swim in the nude may think twice after a testicle eating fish was found in Scandinavia fishermen found the PACU a relative of the piranha that can weigh up to 55 pounds in the Strait of orison the PACU is generally a vegetarian it eats nuts and fruit but also small fish it is not normally a threat to humans but it has been known to go for human nuts in Papua New Guinea where it is known as the ball cutter it is believed the fish was released into Scandinavian waters by a fish collector experts at the Natural History Museum of Denmark advised those choosing to swim in the orison to keep their swimsuits well tied dogs love balls no matter what kind all shapes and sizes so a man should keep that in mind when taking a dog home to be his new best friend especially this Arkansas man who is paralyzed below the waist and rescued a little fluffy white stray off the street three weeks later this man went to bed nude like he always does but woke up the next morning to a burning sensation in his midsection and looked down to find his pet knowing at one of his testicles and eating it the police ended up taking the dog to its first and last trip to the vet because the doctor had to put it down just for loving balls too much if that wasn't tragic enough the dog's head just its fluffy little head was later sent to the Health Department to determine whether or not it had rabies all this could have been prevented had the owner not left his balls hanging out testicle squeezed prank leaves teenager in coma the sack trap is a dangerous flavour of bullying that may be more serious than you think ok ready I'll go first 1 17-year old Irish lad suffered a heart attack and wound up in a coma when a classmate squeezed his family jewels as part of a lunchtime prank last week the boy and a group of friends were on their way back into school after lunch as a joke one of the boys reportedly jerked his scrotum not funny the boy experienced excruciating pain and his body's physical response caused him to pass out the reason a ball shot is so painful is the same reason other sensations down there bring us so much pleasure pain travels through perineal and pudendal nerves up through the spermatic plexus which can make it feel like interruptions going off inside your party in such extreme cases it can lead to a heart attack a school teacher and another student performed CPR on the boy until paramedics arrived doctors put the teenager into an induced coma and the boy was reported to be in stable condition on Friday so remember kids this is not funny time and dead following accidental testicle shooting a young man from central Thailand lost a testicle and also his life when he accidentally shot himself in the scrotum and bled to death earlier this month it was April 7 and 27 year old killer set Chris on had been hosting an illegal game of Halo with his buddies at a local temple along with cards he was also into homemade guns police believed that back at home Chris Horne probably unholstered his weapon and in doing so accidentally fired off a round neighbors heard the sound of the 2 a.m. gunshot the bullet penetrated one of his testicles and the blood began to flow in what must have been pure agony Kristen crawled from his bedroom to an outdoor porch area leading behind a trail of blood he died before his cries for help could be answered neighbors arriving on the scene found Kristen's body lying in a pool of blood police later found the makeshift handgun and a spent bullet casing in his room a wedding in England was delayed after a disturbed man cut off his testicles the vicar and a florist were inside All Saints Church in Hutton when the man burst inside and began chucking chairs while bleeding profusely when a guest arrived he was not allowed to go in when he entered later he saw blood everywhere and a testicle on the floor the man was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for his injuries and referred for a mental health assessment chicken strips shut my balls black out in the sewer police with Alves gets shots in the gun fight Taiwanese police tracked down two armed robbery suspect from last month and organize a raid on the suspects 18 officers were assigned to the mission but only six wars bulletproof vests the police commissioner explained that some officers needed to be disguised as civilians and a bulletproof vest would blow the cover officer Chen was one of those who didn't wear a vest during the raid he was shot through the stomach fire suspect hiding the washroom all the officers quickly came to the rescue and shot the suspect nine times one bullet hit the suspect in his testicles we are unsure whether the nutshell was accidental were intentional doctors were able to treat chant and remove the bullet the suspect who was shot in the balls also survived but doctors were unable to repair his testicle the Commissioner admitted that the Ray could have been planned better and that his officer have a lot to work on co-op accused the bating man in the balls during bar brawl make a flake and unintel county police officer has been charged after he allegedly got in a bar fight and then but another man in the balls according to reports flag had gotten into an argument with his victim outside of Baltimore pub because he was allegedly robbing his ass on the butt of a women the victim knew a short time later the man started walking home when he heard footsteps behind him police say the man turned and he softly expressed coming towards him but caught his arm and pulled him to the ground the victim police say outweighed flee and wound up straddling him but he was also being attacked by another mine stolen able to get food flake allegedly but the man in the balls Baltimore Police say they arrested flake later at another bar flake has been suspended and placed on administrative duties the investigation is ongoing hipster loses testicle after getting stopped for DWI sir Sir sir dr. Thomas Hawkins Amira support don't kick me to not gonna fill the ground okay this lapel cam video shows albuquerque police officer Pablo Padilla forcefully subduing 24-year old law student Jeremy Martin during a DWI stop in the process Martin's groin gets in between the officers knee and his car injuring his testicle so badly it had to later be removed it seems to be yet another case of police brutality by a member of the Albuquerque Police Department which in April was found by the US Department of Justice to be engaged in a pattern and practice of excessive force Martin is now suing the officers involved but watch the two minutes of video leading up to the moment padilha knees martin officer padilha asked Martin to sit down nearly 30 times before he finally subdues him Martin is actively resisting while trying to negotiate with Padilla to let him and his friends go do you think Pedaler overreacted let us know in the comments oh yeah watch understand sit down sir right now tonight okay they down down remove sit out on it you down with Judah I'm not you not anger with you understand dude you're drinking and driving or riot it's real simple be quiet don't get up again you get up a gallant your handcuffs okay to understand no penny not throw up now sit here okay oh yeah you made a choice drink and drive a bail I didn't know sir I did not I'm not drinking you said you had three beers you're not all right my friend so you're lying you're lying to me then oh yeah three beers I'm on video okay sir be quiet sir wait here you understand no I don't understand sir I'd like to talk to you no no wait no no you know you don't know yes we're down right now - no shit all right now do sinner anonymous you so simple sit down on these faders miss me please I would love for you to miss nobody stuff like sit down right now all it would like sit down right now sir do do sit down right now sit down please okay I want to be here with you okay you need to sit down sir I don't want to be here either means that what my friends run away very walk away so work down oh I need it sit down okay dude your Tiffin I think I'd like to get home okay yeah no I cannot this isn't a debate okay just haven't seen mr. Kaiser I'm just fucking sit down right now to understand sit down sit down sit down so don't debate here you're drinking and driving sit down sir proof sit out who I'm gonna I'm not now sir sit down please stop swimming will you stop doing this I'm not dating - you are you're grabbing me I don't take you down woo just let go sir all I'm asking you to look at sir Sir sir - sir first stop is Amira support don't take me on the ground nothing Gary 31 course we're still monitoring it primary is this time - yar third George 324 piane 82 at Berkley and grand sir I'm not really too cute sir I'm not ready I'm not stopping a blur I'm not resisting you please hear the earth like a button for grab four subjects someone is in the car goddammit this was fucking violence of rice sir let me up please stop it okay we're out I understand you will have Oh give me a hard stop resisting stop resisting how is it I'm not resisting resisting are you gonna be okay I'm not releasing some punishment for announcements starting Frode Garcia Tara Gino's is one hurry stop resisting resisting please let me up you god damn it oh fuck stop resisting stop grabbing me rapid run stand up grow up man let me sit up lazy husband's testicle ripped off an angry wife sack attack attention all testicle owners if you're dating or planning on dating a Romanian woman be advised that giving her flowers on International Women's Day is a must if you want to continue on in those testicles mister alone ole Papa thought he had the balls to spend his paycheck on getting drunk instead of on his wife turns out he was plumb wrong waking up her hungover husband with a you got booze but no flowers she told him to go out and do some damn chores I am men don't tell me what to do you're not men I will show you what she did by reaching down and grabbing one of his nads yankin with such force his left knee popped out of his scrotum our favorite part of the story is the unapologetic wife's reaction he reportedly said I grabbed these tasty guts he's not my felt he pulled away and that's what happened I thought maybe some ice would solve the problem but he insisted on calling an ambulance yeah what a wuss right 39 year old Papa required emergency surgery and is currently listed in stable condition hmm wonder if his wife brought him any flowers of the hospital his 40 year old cherry pick and wife is being investigated for trying to scramble Papa's eggs but whether she gets busted or not we're bettin he'll never let her near his gruesome twosome again toward woman kicks cop in the nuts at DMV by now there's not much that surprises us when we hear a story took place in Florida but the scene that Elinor Stern made at the Deerfield Beach DMV has piqued our interest watch what happens when she's approached by a Florida State Trooper whoa she kicked him right in the sleighbells even though the officer's able to toss turned the ground he has one heck of a time trying to restrain the feisty 31 year old after a minute of grappling with the Nutcracker the trooper finally gets her under control or does he Stern makes one last attempt to swim out of the DMV office but is apprehended yet again goodbye and good riddance starting was charged with resisting arrest without violence and released on a $100 bond how is this without violence you ask it's because the officer wasn't injured by the kick to his balls of steel a man came home one afternoon to find this that's his girlfriend that's not him he beat him until he was unconscious then did this the lover eventually woke up and then walked at least five blocks to a laundromat where police found him applying Vaseline to his roasted marshmallows no one involved has been charged with anything getting kicked in the balls is perhaps the second most popular kind of internet's after cute kittens third if you count porn so you can't really blame the Canadian news media for running with this kicked in the balls story they ganked from the Vancouver Sun in the video an apparently drunk dude on Granville Street in Vancouver offers 50 bucks to anybody willing to let him give their bells the old steel-toe jingle although watching poor people get kicked in the balls for money isn't that funny watching Canadian news media fake empathy in order to cash in on some ball kicking broadcast as a little bit funny it's disturbing to watch a man in front of the Roxy nightclub Sunday night paying street people to let him kick them in the groin yeah but so graphic why do you keep showing it or this guy who says he filmed the event because he thought somebody should do something I think this is the right thing to do and nobody would know about this anyways if it wasn't post online yeah sure you stagger it out of a bar and saw a guy getting kicked in the balls then the first thing you thought was this is wrong let me whip out my phone the world must know anyway this is one of the guys who got kicked and made fifty bucks he says he's all right now so whatever snakebites urinating man in the balls not able to walk when he'll drive by the hospital the 62 year old Taiwanese man was injured by a snake in a breaded private area one night last week he went to the bathroom Brian the middle of taking a pee a painful sensation shoot out from his private can look down and there was a snake biting him by his balls despite the great amount of pain he was in the men managed to pull the snake off his tools and call for help luckily the snake was employs inist and the wound was just a minor tearing injury the first day dispatcher said it was the first case of his kind they suspected the snake might have sneaked in from nearby rice field he attacked my happing a self-defense reflex reaction when the man started invading his privacy by urinating on it this sneaky Bulls attacker has been really to the wild
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