Cayden decided to eat a pistachio and while doing so he's had an allergic reaction hey Dan how you feeling bud you can't really breathe oh yeah huh what started hurting first what was the first thing that hurt so my motors plugged in then this fish grill your pot really itchy it started hurting you try it starts swelling up his throat started hurting and then it started to get hard to breathe huh it working you gave him some benadryl like it is and you can tell us what surfer huh you can tell there's a whole bunch of red and puffiness and swelling around his lips what about your tongue does your tongue hustling up to just a little salty that makes him think of salt the allergy the feeling of it tastes like something's that like salty how are you film but is that medicine starting to help and yeah it's okay but let's show let's show everybody that if they have an allergy like that how we breathe to keep our lungs open you take big deep breaths in our nose and out our mouths path and that helps control our breathing so that it doesn't get plugged off huh we still have a hard time if you can't unfortunately you have to take you to the doctor was that so when I say what's happening is you ate that mat and you were allergic to it until your body oh no get that out of my mouth get that out of my house so what happens when your search it it pops up because it's trying to get that stuff out of there and listen what is going up if we call it out if you know what they'll say what that you need to come to the the emergency room where you went the other day and they have to give you a shot but listen the shop would help it would get the shot work faster than the medicine I picked in your mouth if when you get a shot it works right again it works right down and so it will make that all go away or you can stay and we can work on your breathing okay you try to get it under control with the medicine that okay okay I don't want to go to their doctor either and I think that your TAS gonna be significantly all right so being that they don't like that I know but this is painful isn't it okay and you're going to be just fine and I don't think we're gonna have to go to their doctor as long as you can keep reading okay but you've got a bad way allergies are no fun when you're a sick little boy you can't be whatever you want and play with all the animals that you want huh Darington for mom and dad when we don't when it's something that we don't realize that was allergic to because he's never had a pistachio before so this is something new that we're just realizing that is allergic to but because of all this other allergies we can kind of tell that that's what's going on I'll just watch it now and make sure that his breathing's okay cos in this spot then they have to like we don't have an EpiPen here so I'm a doctor but he's gonna be okay seems like he's breathing and that benadryl is gonna start kicking in and is the most important thing right now is that you could stop crying is when they cry it makes your body Gulf more hairs or just pillow cause you just need to brief statements well right now that's the most important did you stay on what you doing bud cleaning a stepstool why are we washing the steps to a while what have we spill on that step stool Oh turkey we spilled the barbecue turkey marinade huh yeah yeah who did we have over Erin and jelly not a fun ordeal to go through with your kids Jaden is taking it like a champ now all he's doing really good but it's kind of scary because the first kids don't know what to do cuz you know how would it be to start losing your oxygen and not being able to breathe and not knowing what to do about it so this is what I'm doing to help pass the time is it is it workin Hayden is the medicine turned or buddy no just hate seeing that as bad tell everybody how you're feeling how does your throat feels that feel any better well then how do you feel good if you don't feel any better no I feel it out fuck you feel like you got something in your throat so okay well you're handling it like a champ but good job dude I'll crap for a screaming Satan okay okay you got my screen all wet bro and I'm sorry okay give me a hug dude I love you buddy like you're handling it okay you this is guide to our channel thank you
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