Klein Tradesman Pro Tough Box Cooler Review

It holds 17 courts and keeps things cold at 30 hours Klein has a new tradesmen Pro tuff box cooler I'm Kenny Keller and. This is pro tool reviews.

Can you tell us about this new tradesmen Pro tuff box cooler by client yes a Cline brought this out is a solution for guys on the jobsite and it's a lunch box it's a big launch it's a big lunch box but that's a benefit it's been in the mid 90s here in Central Florida for well over a month now.

You're not only packing your lunch here you've got space to pack plenty of water and drinks right.

It's not necessarily a bad thing that it is the size that it is how many drinks is it you know home this will hold up to 18 cans it's a 17 quart cooler and it'll keep them cold for up to 30 hours. Okay.

Klein Tradesman Pro Tough Box Cooler Review

It's you know I could just kind of bring this thing on Monday and and not take it home until like maybe Thursday uh you could do that me not.

Much I will finish everything in there and one day most likely nice yeah.

You know they did a lot of good stuff here it has the look of a lot of the premium coolers that on the market you're going to hear names like Yeti and Orion and even Arctic Cove has their own out now but it's not that kind of price point it's not that kind of cooler.

You're not talking about several days worth of ice retention you're talking about a full day even in the hot hot Sun right you are going to want to bring it back and refill it every day yeah that makes sense and some of those coolers are there Hitler big by Nature they're almost like a cooler within a cooler some of these things are just gigantic.

The fact that. This is a little bit larger it's actually making very efficient use of space I noticed which was kind of cold.

It doesn't you don't open it up and have like you know six-inch walls you know with a tiny space inside right but they do get good ice retention because they use a polyurethane foam in here. Okay.

They are doing some things like the premium coolers but again do you really want to pay three or four hundred dollars for your lunch box I don't know yeah I didn't think.


Some cool things on here you have a stainless steel hinge.

You don't have these latches back here that are going to end up coming off and you know leaving holes in your plastic and all that good stuff they do yeah the lid opens up full hundred eighty degrees which is nice you have a recessed area right here and that's.

That you can put bottles up to one liter in height right.

You get some bigger bottles in there you know particularly again summertime you want a lot of water a lot of Gatorade all that kind of stuff in there really cool thing is right here they have created a secret compartment not.

Secretly take a dry spot to me it is a dry spot.

You can put your wallet you can put your cell phone in here maybe he doesn't have an o-ring around it.

It's not waterproof your ice is melting it sloshing around in there you can't guarantee it's going to stay dry and it could come you know get some condensation as well exactly.

You may want to hold off on put your cell phone in there unless you've got something like the Kyocera dura force probe and I think one of those rugged phones yeah you're good to get it but most likely guys on the jobs that are going to have their phones on them anyway, we're constantly in communication yeah.

That's kind of cool to keep things out of the way and dry good and you can lock it.

If you might be a big deal it might get some premium lunch in there from public search rhenium luncheon they're from Publix that sounds good let's go get some lunch from public we should get lunch from Publix yeah anyway, side track side Trek good shoulder strap.

You've got a carry strap on here that it's really durable it's basically a seatbelt you're gonna have a really hard time breaking this thing and there's also a padded strap on here that goes along with it to keep you from being too uncomfortable you do have a couple of small handles here underneath it's not terribly useful for carrying it you're going to want to stick with the shoulder straps but you do have that option if you'd rather use it you don't have any non-slip feet on the bottom of this like a lot of premium coolers do but it will hold up to 300 pounds.

Really big guy can sit on it yes and that's actually exactly what Clym designed it to do that's why it's the size of this.

You can bring lunch out and then literally sit down on that if you don't have any other options and get off your feet for a little bit.

That's kind of cool but you don't want to use this as an extra 12 inches of height to stand on because that's not going to end well for you and you're going to get to talk to the folks at OSHA and your supervisors not gonna be very happy probably not and you know just try sitting on one of those little tiny coolers some time it's not going to work too well.

There is a there's another reason for this size making a lot more sense.

Yeah pretty cab salutely.

Yep all all-around good cooler for what it does it's a nice sized $43.99 it Acme tools right now yeah very cool and there's a common stock.

Yep they've already gotten a stock I mean you go up to you go up to Yeti or something like that their base 20 quart cooler starts around $200.

You're at a quarter of the price of that but you've got a really tough build with some nice features in it very cool if you want to see more reviews of cool stuff for the job site tools and other accessories and things like that subscribe to our youtube channel also check us out on Facebook Instagram and Twitter and thanks for watching hi I'm Jenny Kaler and this it's prison I'll take.

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