Kohler Command Ignition Module Replacement

Hi guys and welcome back to my Channel today I'll be showing how to replace the ignition module on the lawn tractor with a Kohler command engine what I'll be working on today is they call a command 15.5 horsepower engine now the same procedure will apply to many other color engines in regards to replacing the ignition module now what's happening with this tractor is it runs for a while then it won't run good you let it sit for a while then it will run. Okay, for a while again.

That's a classic symptom of a faulty ignition module to start with there's four bolts to remove on this side there's one here one there one here and one over here and there'll be a few more on the other side when you remove this bolt here this little clip here for the fuel line will come off this bolt here holds the dipstick tube.

Just leave the tube there next I'm going to remove this bolt here in front of the engine usually there's a bolt over here it's broken inside.

I'm not going to worry about it there's just this one here to remove now that all the bolts are removed just simply pull on the cover and before you poke too hard and make sure to remove the spark plug wire from the cover and here's the ignition module over here. This is the part I'll be replacing now disconnect the spark plug cap now this connect this wire here from the ignition module now with the same eight millimeter socket that I used to remove the shroud I'm going to remove the two bolts here holding the ignition module and that's all that's holding it on once these two bolts are off you can just simply pull it right out and here it is and here's the new ignition module it's part number 12 space 5/8 for space 0 for s it's an OEM Kohler ignition module and it does come with the spark plug boot as well now what I'm going to take off the old one is a little grommet over here for the shroud just simply spread it and then insert it on the new part now when you go to reinstall the ignition module on the engine always put this slide here facing up now to make it easier to show you the installation I remove the tractor lid now I'm just going to simply reinsert the new ignition module on top of the studs and I'm going to put in the two bolts but just loosely for now now I'm going to hold the ignition module back I'm just going to stick a business card over here for spacer and I'm going to turn the flywheel until the magnets line up with the module just like this and the bolts are still loose there by the way and here's a view from the other side and the top you can see the business card is acting as a spacer you can also use a large feeler gauge with approximately at 20,000 seven-inch blade I'm not sure of the exact measurement between the ignition module and the flywheel by this works all the time now the ignition module will be stuck to the magnets in it because it's lined up on the flywheel once it's like that just simply tighten up both bolts I'm going to try to tighten them up evenly at the same time now just simply turn the flywheel remove the business card now there should be a nice gap between the ignition module and the flywheel just like you see now if your ignition module is rubbing on the flywheel magnets then you're going to need to read gap it it cannot be rubbing at all on the flywheel now at this point you can reconnect the positive wire to the ignition module make sure it's tight it's not tight just crimp down this clip here and put it back on and now I'm going to connect the spark plug boot back on the spark plug now if I finish reinstalling the shroud I'm just going to start up the tractor the way it is if you do be very careful because the flywheel is right in the open there spinning.

Kohler Command Ignition Module Replacement

She's running good now she's good to go.

Now you can go ahead and realign the cover on top to put it back on I'm also going to line up the grommet over here that goes inside the shroud and push it all the way up now when you put this cover in you want this part here to be inside the black parts or the black metal and it's the same over here you want this part to be inside the shroud and now you can line up the holes and start putting the bolts back on I'm not going to fully tighten them up yet I'm going to make sure they're all on before I tighten them all up now remember that the longer bolt is to hold the dipstick tube and there's also a short bolt that goes on right here and there's one that goes over here and don't forget to reattach the clip for this bolt and now this bolt over here as I mentioned earlier there's usually a bolt over here but it is broken inside the threads here.

I'm just going to leave it and I'll just go around cleaning up all the walls and don't forget to insert the fuel line in the clip here and when you're done make sure the grommet for the spark plug wire is in position like this it's to protect the wire from the metal.

It's that easy to replace the ignition module on your Kohler Command engine if you get different symptoms where your engine runs good for a while when it's cold and then doesn't run good after it's ran for a few minutes then it's probably the ignition module that needs to be replaced.

Thanks for watching guys make sure to subscribe and you'll see me next time.

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