Kohler Courage 20HP SV600

So I've got a problem I put a new crankshaft on a new set of counterbalances in this engine I've got a 100 psi on compression I put new spark plug in even though the old spark plug was fine I've got spark that's not a problem everything seems to be working fine I mean I got suction on the intake and got exhaust coming out the muffler I tried shooting a little starting fluid in the in the carburetor although I'm pretty sure it's getting gas when I put my hand on it I could I could feel a little bit and I could definitely smell gas I'm not sure the things I mean it's not even trying to start oh I'll give you an example here I mean nothing the only thing that is different about the engines I did put in a different version of the of the crankshaft it was the first version and there's a v1 to v2 according to the PDF that I was looking at and I had a v1 shaft that I replaced it with I kind of freaking stand it a little bit with the counterbalances I put the arm in from my counterbalance set and before it had a little a little when I was a little ki little a piece of metal that went back and forth into a there's a little valley there underneath flywheel and I could understand why that would fail.

Said I put my arm in.

It's it should be fine I don't I don't understand why that would be a problem I mean and it's definitely wouldn't keep it from starving I have no idea why this thing won't start I'm completely confused like I said I've got gas I've got compression and I've got sparks.

I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on this one Thanks.

Kohler Courage 20HP SV600

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