Korean Beauty Empties from Neogen, Cosrx, and MORE!

Inácio to namida and today i will be talking empties i have an overflowing amount of empties in this pink bucket right here I'm going to try my best to go over all of them we'll see depending on time but yeah let's get started first I have the Neo Gen green tea foam cleanser and. This is a great cleanser because it actually has real green tea leaves in the bottom and there's an expiration date you have to finish using this in 8 months but that's really not that hard it's a great cleanser in the morning time and definitely great for step 2 of your double cleanse I do prefer the beyond products.

Much more than this.

I probably wouldn't repurchase. However, I did enjoy it I just yeah I'm just kind of sick of this because I did use it for a long time here I have the casa Rex sent Ella blemish apple and. This is actually the first product that drew me into cos of X because it really reminded me of the blue and bull from Troya decay but. This is.

Much cheaper it's really good for acne and it will treat your blemish areas.

Korean Beauty Empties from Neogen, Cosrx, and MORE!

Yeah I'm definitely going to go repurchase one of these the next two cosmetics products might seem very repetitive because they appear in like all of my empties these days and it is the pimple pads and also the master patches.

I won't talk about these two too much because I repute them.

Many times.

Yeah check the other empties and also my skincare routine video for details on these two I also have the scent Ella blemish cream and. This is actually my brothers all-time favorite Korean skincare or skincare in general he calls it the MVP cream because it's a quick way to treat rising pimples and also acne scars as well.

Very very good product and I agree with him.

Good next I have the j1 Hana cream and. This is such a convenient product because it comes in little balls and all you have to do is scoop one out and pop it into your hands and it's enough for your entire face it's very moisturizing and my mom fell in love with it because it's very moisturizing but also because they treated her wrinkles as well.

A great high quality product it is expensive though but I do think it's worth it because it does last a long time I have two cushions that the first one is the ED do house AC mild BB cushion and the faceshop CC intense cover cushion these two cushions were my summer favorites it's the best way to apply makeup and also touch up throughout the day I'm not repurchasing these yet though because I have.

Many other cushions in front of me.

Definitely in my top five favorite cushions because they're seriously.

Good I also have the faceshop stulen cushion blusher in number two coral and I love this too because it was super easy to apply and blend with my foundation and it was a very beautiful coral shade.

I fell in love with this and I'm definitely going to repurchase this one I also have the too-cool-for-school our class by Roden and. This is a very popular shading palette here in Korea I personally love it because it looks more natural and less orangie than the other ones that I have used like. This is.

Much cheaper than the vanilla Co one as well definitely worth the price I did repurchase it and I'm using it today if you can tell it's a very natural contour and shaving moving on to hair products I have the jungle botanics for sleeves warming treatment and. This is good for damaged hair like mine I mean I bleached it two or three times and every time I use this my hair feels a lot softer the next morning I do prefer the shampoo.

Much more because it has a cooling effect but I'm done with the treatment now and I am currently using the too-cool-for-school egg treatment and I am loving that as well as I have a dry shampoo and. This is the same silk hair Argan dry shampoo it smells really good it does its job but I probably would have purchased it again because right now I am obsessed with the bumble and bumble hair Preda powder and also the lush dry shampoo I'm liking the draw the what is it the powder shampoo over the spray.

Yeah wouldn't purchase this again but it smells really good my final two products are body washes from Innisfree here I have the cherry blossom and the cedar wood and I did prefer the cedar wood over the cherry blossom because it has a very fresh scent to it and I love how my bathroom smells after using it but yeah great body washes in my opinion and I'm basically waiting for a 1+1 deal right now because it's a great deal that's it for my empties this month I hope you guys found this video helpful please feel free to check the description because I do like to link all of the products in the description box yeah twanda moejisha go to dr. Koch edges al chrome goodies Holly I'm sorry Zephaniah and yeah clean it zero and. This is one of my favorite cleansing bombs because it really melts off your makeup I haven't talked about this as much as I used to because I have discovered great old cleansers for example I have the hamish all clean balm and I preferred this one over this because it doesn't irritate my eye as much.

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