KOREAN & TAIWANESE SKINCARE HAUL ( Manyo Factory, Huxley, Loveisderma, Annie's Way, Benton...)

Hello guys! I know it's been a thousand years since I last posted a video Many of you guys keep asking me when will I post a new video. So today, I'm here to share with you guys some skincare products I've just bought Most of 'em are from Korea, and only 2 or 3 brands comes from Taiwan. Before we get started, how are you guys doing lately? I know you miss me so much, or at least I assume so! I've been quite busy "making a baby". Last week I posted an Instagram picture with the caption "just making a baby" Then came in a bundle of comments: "Congratulations for the new baby!!" And I was like: "Don't ever trust what's just been said." It's been quite a long time I haven't updated anything on Facebook I only get on Facebook once a week, or may be every two weeks So if any of you guys don't follow my Instagram or Snapchat, I have a very important announcement. I'm coming back to Vietnam this May 1st.

By chance, we may run across on the street, in a resto, or in Vincom restrooms... There, I just have a very tiny announcement. Let's get on the video! See the box? Firstly, I want to show you a brand coming from Taiwan. Don't know it's Chinese or Taiwanese... I think it's Taiwanese. It's Loveisderma, and this is a gel mask container Let's unbox to see the largeness of this! The container is... this big! I don't know how long it takes to use up this mask.

But it's advised here to apply a 5-mm-thick mask for each time. Actually, I think 5mm thick is kinda excessive and wasted. Hence, I just apply by the amount that I think it's enough I don't have the slightest idea about this brand - Loveisderma. Before buying, I just read some Internet reviews, and there aren't many of them.

So if you've tried any of this product, share your thoughts in the comment below. Next up is also some Taiwanese masks from "Annie's Way". Ever heard of this? One is "Rose Essence Jelly Mask", and one is "Collagen". I'm excited to try this Collagen mask for its ingredients. However, the expiration only lasts for 3 months. But the size is huge, I don't know how I'm gonna use it up in 3 months.

KOREAN & TAIWANESE SKINCARE HAUL ( Manyo Factory, Huxley, Loveisderma, Annie's Way, Benton...)

Next product is also a mask - don't judge! My skin is in the progress of recovering. So I bought a bunch of masks with a view to getting a flawless skin like Ngoc Trinh. Am I doing PR for Ngoc Trinh?! This is the most special mask I've seen. It's liquid type, completely watery. During a shower, splash the mask on your face.

Yes, SPLASH! That's it! I bought in Sephora and it's not cheap at all. Each time I splash the mask on my face, I feel like I'm splashing cash on it. But I have to say...STOP! Excuse me, I just have to pause the video to let him in the room He wants to sit next to me to show the love.

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