Kuretake Gansai Tambi 36 watercolour set | Unboxing

Hey guys! i'm doing an unboxing of a package I received today these are my curate aki gone side Tom be 36 color paints a little thank you note here some pink ribbon.

Cute go play cats will play catch ok guys I love playing that stuff oh that's a running all over the house nicely wrapped there they are oh.

Beautiful wow I love them there's nothing like getting new paints to it for an artist is there japanese traditional solid watercolors it's got the gold bluish gold silver I think. This is a more rosy gold.

I'll have to make my new color charts as it says the inside I'll love them I just love the box i love everything about them Oh beautiful Wow I just learned the other day that it takes three days three full days to make each color pan and the whole factory can only make three colors at a time sorry my cat just sneezed.

Kuretake Gansai Tambi 36 watercolour set | Unboxing

Wow that's amazing these are almost like gosh they've got white sort of in there not translucent.

I'll do a review video on these.

Stay tuned there's a little bit of cracking just like it says there's there's there would be on the package that's. Okay, some bubbles look at that silver silver and bluish gold and then the rosy gold Wow amazing I love them and here's where you make your color chart.

I will film a video stay tuned for it where i'm going to fill in this color chart and i will also do an entry in my color cookbook where I do all the swatches of different products in there and I will do swatches of these in my color cookbook as well.

I hope you enjoyed that unboxing as much as I did bye you.

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