Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolor 36 | watercolor unboxing

I hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel and today I actually have a little bit of a different video I actually have a video where I am unwrapping my new watercolor and when you go to colors these are from downside chaambi I believe they call that and I will open it up and you will see how it looks and if you hear some noises in the background that is my boyfriend Andrea's he is home we have some vacation together we have four weeks and. This is our second week of being an on vacation.

That is awesome and.

That is what you're gonna hear in the background so. This is how it looks this pan is actually very large it's larger than I thought it is going to be but I absolutely love it.

Far let's check it out here it is what it is.

Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolor 36 | watercolor unboxing

Pretty it's like Christmas ha ha ok ok so. This is some plastic and it just to keep these pan in the box and they are.

Beautiful i love them um i don't know if you can see with this color that is my color i love it.

At the bottom you have some metallics and a white and some of them have some crooks i don't know if you can see but that doesn't matter they will work out fine anyway.

These are very smooth and some of them have some texture to them I don't know if my camera can pick it up ah.

Let's get started I don't know how these will turn out but it's always fun to just try the colors out.

Have some watercolor paper here at the side and actually in the lid you can see that you can switch them out and I don't know Japanese but I can read numbers.

And 32 is going to be 32 on my page 2.

Lets them I'm going to start out by just playing a little bit with them and then I can switch them out actually these ones oh look you can take them out that's.

Cool that means that you actually can take them with you and all that's gorgeous oh it moves beautiful is like blooms out I love it actually if is the number at the bottom two yes good.

You know where your where to put them back now I'm actually going to take just a drop of water i think to every of my pants and we can see how they look and I wish I could fast-forward you but i think i'm gonna keep you at real time today.

That is why and it's actually kind of hard to do a voice over when you are experimenting for the first time of yourself and see how this turned out and i'm.

Excited I'm especially excited with these ones see how they turn out.

Let's get cracking because oh I smart shit oh oh I wasn't good of me. Okay, let's try this one it moves.

Beautiful. Okay, i'm gonna try this with a little water and then put your color in it if all the balloons out I love it let's do another one and you as you can see you can get to college to be really intense like that look at it.

Beautiful I wonder how they will react if I do like this Jake they blend.

Easily together love it that's beautiful and I don't know if you can see but the color is really intense ok let's do a couple of more that's pretty this yellow pretty. Okay, this one I have to try out because. This is the one I've been alone for this tour across color it's to die for.

Pretty. Okay, let's go down to the metallics ones oh wait I want to try this one too it's beautiful I don't know if you can see this one up here but it really looks like a fire explosion or something it's pretty ok here is the metallic 1 i'm just gonna work this one a little bit more i don't know if you have to do it but I'm gonna do it anyway, they had oh it's.

Pretty now if you can see this one but.

Metallic I wonder hmmm I wonder what would happen if i take some take another color I'm taking this one making all that's beautiful I can live high here and then I'm gonna take some this actually I'm gonna try it here. All right, through the metallicy ah that is beautiful look at it it's like all shimmery it loses some intensity but i think it's but i think it's gorgeous you can always go back and get a little bit more all that is.

Pretty that we're going to try the gold 12 I don't know what that was oh my god i'm not good at lettering but i think you could get a little bit up my brush is not differ i think that would be real pretty to do some lettering with these colors they're pretty ok let's do another one I actually want to try this white one and I think. This is dry actually can see how perfectly they blend it together i'm going to try it over here you can see you can see it ok let's do not one I'm thinking this seems to be the black one like is always nice to have all that's a really black one actually I wonder how you get a lot of pigment without touching it you can see that i'm only barely touched it all that is beautiful and you can see actually if I'm wedding this up it's going to break down a chick it just blooms out it is.

Gorgeous I love this I get it just breaks out. Okay, so. This is I like this back one. This is nice love it Kate let's do not want I think red is actually a color that let's let's go blue because sometimes my other water colors when they are when your wedding them down they break down into this lilac color and I don't want that.

That's try this one a lot of water you I don't think this doesn't I love it let's go a little bit ah blue oh I had content for my water here it's black I have to go switch it but you can see it doesn't.

That's nice. Okay, if I would choose top three colors.

Far I would say all that. This is a hard one actually i'm going to show you the colors in the metallic ones is really nice I hope you can see that shimmer it's beautiful at chop tree I said. Okay, let's go I think this yellow was fabulous you can see how how this would be like perfect he's beautiful and I actually like I have to say the one that got this for I had to save this one because this one is absolutely beautiful I'm gonna do these two together here again these two is beautiful and a last one. This is tricky which I am I gonna Jesus I don't know actually I'm gonna leave it to these two and yeah you will have to give me a minister thing here I'm thinking that I might actually switch these ones out and then I will come back and I would show you the ones i think is the best. Okay, that's the bet hey guys I'm back and now I have switched out all the colors and you can see them here side by side and something i noticed when i switch to these ones out is that the real ones up up here and I don't know if I think there is a really true red I think this one I don't know it's like it's just a different I don't know how to explain it but I don't think it's a true red I'm just gonna leave it at that and you can comment down below if I'm wrong or if I'm right or how you look at this and actually this one is the only one that's really orange.

I don't know if I think it's a true orange in this one too.

I'm going to leave it at that but I am.

Pleased with these colors I mean if you look at this watch i did at the beginning you can see how crisp the colors is and how they are like blooming out and i don't know if that is something you're into but i frickin adore this look at it it's.

Beautiful i love this and that the metallic ones are really nice too I hope you can see some of the shimmer and I mean I just put down this I mean if you have a little bit more concentrated payment color you will have an even more shimmer and this one the blue one where we took them I a silver oreo pikia one you can see actually how about shimmers too.

That is really beautiful and I think you can do a lot of fun techniques and stuff with this set and since I'm mostly into card making and scrapbooking and I don't do any free handedly and what color.

This one is perfect for me I don't need any better quality I think. This is the best set that I'm ever gonna need and I mean these pants are huge I think they will last my lifetime you see they are really is really much pigment in these they are beautiful.

My task was to you only pick three colors that I loved and I picked this one and I picked that one.

I only have to pick one more and you know i like my bright colors.

I'm tempted to pick I'm really tempted to pick this one the pink one but I don't know if I'm gonna do that mmm this.

Hard I like this one too it's that one I don't know if it just turned out that peel and to a cozy and because I got too much watering it or what it is but I like that color a lot and. This is a hard one guys ah. Okay, I'm gonna make it easier for me I'm gonna choose the yellow and the Turkish one and the pink one and that's it now we cannot think about it anymore and please guys and can't you comment down below which colors you like if you have used this second sight Abby watercolor set I don't know if I'm pronouncing that right if you can read yapanese you probably can pronounce it better than me and tell me what it's called and if you'll use this please comment down below and your three favorites in this set if you like this video please give it a thumb up if you want to see more for work you can always subscribe to my channel here to YouTube obesity and Instagram my name is scrap booking online sphere in the next time have a great day guys bye.

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