Kylie Lip Kit Review & Dupes | Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Swatches

Here we go the long ago we walk on this level hi everybody ok.

Today I am.

Excited because I'm doing a video entirely about Kylie Jenner's lip kits and dupes and things like that.

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Kylie Lip Kit Review & Dupes | Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Swatches

The first color in the collection is kandi kay and it's a really beautiful nudie pink um kind of like the dulce que it is but dulce que is a little more mami and this one is a little more pink.

A lot of guys probably already have this it was really really popular a while back and still is really popular now and it's too anastasia beverly hills and pure Hollywood so. This is basically an exact do for candy k and of course it's not a super cheap dupe but if you already have it it's basically another yeah it's basically free you've already bought it.

I'm going to apply this we can see how it looks on the lips.

As you can see. This is a beautiful new pink just like candy k and I think. This is a great option and it should be near you I think. This is available any macy's stores or anything like that.

I would definitely check this out or just look at your collection and see if you have this and yes so. This is a great Duke for candy k.

The next color in her lip kit is dulce que which is a really beautiful kind of mavi pinky nude color and I have a really really cheap dupe for it and it's called Abu Dhabi from NYX Cosmetics it's a soft matte lip creams and. This is literally the most perfect beautiful do for it.

I'm going to apply and hit see how it looks on the lips. This is the most gorgeous dupe and color I've ever by seriously in love with us I'm.

Thankful I picked this up and yeah I really really love this and I think it's a great Duke and. This is only six dollars at Ulta.

That's a great find as well.

The last color in her kit is true Brown k which is a gorgeous deep brown chocolatey color.

Instead of getting a liquid lipstick I thought I would kind of show you something else that I had that is also very inexpensive. This is.

Cheap it's insane so. This is a lip pencil that i got from morphe brushes and. This is just the I'll show you the brand advocates that it's tuba deluxe and. This is in the color hot cocoa and. This is exactly the same color I swear it's like the exact same color.


Beautiful and I love this because this really long-lasting and I always wear this pencil just as like a lipstick and I fill in my entire lips and it lasts all day I can eat with it everything like that.

I'm going to apply this and because you how it looks.

As you can see. This is a beautiful chocolate brown color and it's crazy that. This is literally only for like two to three dollars you can order it online or you can find also I think also NYX has a really beautiful brown and there's a lot of other drugstore colors as well if you like this video don't forget to thumbs up this video if you like more videos comment below and let me know what you'd like to see next and don't forget to subscribe and I will see you in my next video bye guys.

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