Emily beast here sixty Reese's peanut butter cups 6,000 calories 3,000 calories from fat 585 grams of sugar 660 grams of carbs oh my god I'm about to have heart failure and get type 2 diabetes.

A roller-skate nick swardson blood bro a lot of the fans always ask hey la beast how are you not dead yet how do you not have type-2 diabetes from eating all the crazy stuff that you eat how oh but since I'm about to do an extreme stunt eating all this sugar all this fat I wanted to actually do a test to test my blood sugar before and test my blood sugar after and what what I did I went to the local CVS and I got a blood glucose tester and test the amount of sugar in your blood and for a normal average Joe like myself Eddy anywhere from 80 to 120 is normal anything above that you should go seek medical advice put the test strip in I got my little pinprick thing Oh 80 perfect without further ado I have 60 Reese's peanut butter cups staring me right in the face probably my all-time favorite Halloween candy and I'm about to eat all sixty like a boss and hopefully I don't get diabetes in the process Bible people oh my god it's.

Good I'm in heaven right now and my orange milk turn down holy crap that was delicious the only problem is I feel my teeth getting cavities already alright you can see that grease nose on each and every individual wrapper gotta stay focused 23rd stack at 10:00 thirty there are they have poop real bad halfway through is a mistake are you getting dizzy and lightheaded I'm about to hit 40 holy Christ I can feel the fat and the sugar already flowing through my veins yeah you know what I don't think it's possible for kids to eat 40 of these in RO.

Don't even worry about if it's still kids parents can you pull you out there don't try this at home please my heart's racing already and I'm dizzy whoa Oh God you my body's already shutting down you I'm 40 20 left about the antares mind over matter oh god I hope I better help them die here Oh these these are.

Very close to going up a list of the foods that will never you get in my life it's 50 what am i doing Bethy all over me I fuckface ten more ten more I feel dizzy I felt dizzy I felt like I was going to pass out just them mind over matter kid finished we started the LA beast I hate myself I don't really want to pick these up in you. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do respira buttercups come on illy peace Oh Wow five where I feel like I had diabetes I did this myself holy crap holy freaking crap 60k spoil is a quick charge. Okay, they're deadly bees it's a sixty Reese's Peanut Butter Cup challenge I'm never eating Reese's peanut butter cups ever get back I take my blood sugar level and we'll see if it's still in that 80 to 100 range some about very minutes since I ate those 60 Reese's peanut butter cups I'll have my blood glucose level meter I want to see I want to see how bad my my blood sugar is after that Wow huh drop the one from 80 to 67 I'm gonna go see my physician have the day.

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