Laptop Review of the Dell Inspiron 15 i5557

Hey everybody! it's cool for you boy and today I'll be doing something different I would be showing you my new laptop the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series.

Here it is. This is the Dell it's a 15.6 inch display.

I'll go over the port's right now Before we jump into anything else.

Here's the AC adapter the Ethernet port event HDMI port USB 3 and the SD card in the front we have charging indicator and here we have a headphone and microphone combo and here these two are USB twos and. This is the optical disc drive and here's the laptop.

The cable already have it plugged in but here is the power brick like I am.

Happy that Dell made a smaller power brick the other one was like huge like pretty big and here is the plug and plugged it in this you could just take out and pull back in what I'm not going to do that so. This is a core i5 right here Core i5 screen looks quite nice it's a touch.

I have it set up right here it says getting ready I don't know why.

It already logged in because some settings.

Here's the power button here's the keyboard not bad and that's the windows sound pretty nice here's a trackpad as you can see I'm moving it around and then I'm just moving it around the screen is nice it's touching stuff yeah you could do all those wacky stuff and there's this cameras here I'll demonstrate that in a different video and here's the box.

In the box we have up the laptop of course we got the sleeve I'm thinking of using the sleeve and we got some warranty and the power bricks of course.

Let's cover the exterior as you this if you could hear it it's like a pretty nice sound it feels like aluminum it probably is. This is like um pretty nice um so. This is pretty much the plastic but it's really hard plastic like it's too much but it feels like a very hard and sturdy substance.

One con well bad thing about this laptop is that as you can see the space if I put my hand behind it I could easily move it.

Don't drop this laptop whatever you do.

Anyways on the back we have the hard drives where all the hard drive and fan is and then. This is the cell battery I'm not gonna take it out because I have the device on well if you click it to this unlock thing to the symbol it will pop open this thing now you just pull up by the way the battery is a lithium ion it is a four cell battery.

It also has a pretty nice backlit keyboard.

That's pretty nice anyways um I'm just gonna sign in first here's my logo cool free boy that's like my YouTube.

This it usually comes in this huge box pretty good protection.

Yeah um as I was saying. This is Windows 10 I just got started and as you can see here it says Dell real sense trainer I'm gonna open it right now but I'm gonna demonstrate it in a different video.

I left clicked it.

It's on.

It goes like learning about intel realsense camera which is these many cameras.

Let's learn more and then you have to accept it if you decline it it won't work like let's click accept.

Back to here.

It says it's loading and that's what you want.

I I'm really happy and it has pretty nice music.

Let's move your head into camera view let's interact without touching.

It lets you interact without touching it says if it's close enough it will just go like I and start talking whoa too close and then make sure it's focused.

It should look at that pretty nice it's perfect it's just that it's perfect as you can see the camera is flashing this one is the thing oh it's glowing that's pretty cool sounds like a rippling thing see it's.

Relaxing and then I just move around it looks pretty sick you just move your hand around it's pretty cool.

Yeah try playing with the crystals.

I'm just gonna go like that poke it using one finger oh it's moving it's moving oh wow.

Here it has different areas where you can do it I'll go into it the next video but. This is the Intel app showcase and here is experience it but anyways I'm gonna click X because I want to get out of here.

Yes that has been my review of this Dell and hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for more see ya.

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