Large Blue Shopping Basket with Shopkins Season 4 12 + 5 Packs with Surprise Blind Bags

Cookies world hello chocolatey chippy cookies whoa wait a minute did everything just get like super-sized boom whoa whoa everything did get super-sized look at this mega big shopkins basket whose bag up Santa life-sized filled up with with season 4 shopkins on the inside oh my goodness okay so this basket is humongous okay it's a blue basket just like season one see it says shopkins right here okay this is just crazy crazy crazy cool so let's see what's more shopkins and we can find on the inside alright let's kick things off it looks like with a 12 pack of shopkins we'll look at all the cool shopkins on the back of the box oh the search for the limited editions and for the petkins so we'll open open and our shopkins on the inside come on out oh look at all the super cutesy with these little shopkins okay we've got Julie's our little bracelet from accessories oh we've got twin little pet kids this is earring twins oh yes some ice cream Queen to make things a little bit sweeter I think ice cream Queen is such a cute little shopkins oh she's so cute what she'll is like a cupcake cupcake queen me well Barney partying in the house Marty party loves to party it up with this cute little party hat in the little tiny party blower oh ha ha cherry pie it's another little petkins who's absolutely deliciously adorable look at the little cherries on top of this shy pie mmm baked to perfection and adorableness I'll make the little tail oh you little minty minty xab solutely adorable this cute little purple little planter and oh you cute cute adorable little details uh-oh time to party again miss Perez II always is in the giving spirit because she's a cute little present had a plan look at how beautiful you planted some beautiful flowers this is ice cream Cup oh come on that has to be ice cream Queens catkin ha oh very cute they're cute together in our last little shopkins little peely potato Oh cutest little shopkins looks like it's still ripening because we're a little bit of a green spud oh but we're starting to come on ramble to start the peel alright we'll open up our little blind bags inside of here now no more blind bag bags now we've got these little stacking collect display cases okay let's see who we're gonna have surprises inside open and we've got two cute looking dolly donut can't get cuter than a dolly donut she's really cute little chocolaty donut with some yellow little frosting and we've got oh we've got a ultra rare little pet collar okay very cute all right let's see what we have in our five pack cut cut cut open open go ahead and we'll pull all of our little shopkins out move even our little blind bag shopkins come on out whoop let's say hello to miss Perez ewwww oh yes cool this is the purple version oh yes not that bold of a versions here you can see the two colors Oh with my totally public art on oh we've got our little shop cats we said a cute little shop your monkey this is Mable syrup who can easily fit into this little petkins carrier get open come on inside now we can carry this little monkey around when it's cooking that time get nothing in here okay this is one of my favorite shopkins cookie nut and I got another choice look at they both go together so beautifully oh all right our last pack of shopkins oh wait we forgot about our little blind bag got open our blind bag up open open and we've got oh we've got an ultra rare tennis ball bounce on and whoa all right our last pack another 12 pack boom let's see what shopkins we can find on the inside need to do here they come well alright let's go ahead and get them all out to you so let's take a seat get comfortable with comfy chair I love this shopkins I think comfy chair is really cute cuz it actually looks like a super-duper cozy comfy chair see even Julie's who wants to take a seat and relax and watch the shopkins come on in how about a cute little pet chance to keep you nice and cozy and comfy this is hot choc yummy tasty cup of hot chocolate even though it looks like blue icy water these are big puffy marshmallows well we've got a little packet shopkin again this cute little bear look at the cute little tail and it's dripping dripping yummy yummy chocolate this is big topping high crispy lettuce super duper crunchy crunchy list it just crunches in your mouth Oh wiggling on over is jiggly jelly this little jello Cup look at how jiggly and crinkly wrinkly it is it looks really adorable who else are we missing oh oh we've got someone hiding behind the comfy chair oh wait a minute it's another Julie's so double-double Julie shopkins he looks like we've got our own jewelry store going on here Julie store will PETA plan all this got the white flowers here's the other one right here with the pink flowers they're both adorable little potted plants anyone thirsty oh look at who it is it's very smoothie who loves to make sure you have the most refreshing yummy smoothie ever looks like we've got this super super whipped up drink with lots of fruit oh and it looks kind of tropical because of the ombre color going on from the orange all the way down to like the pinky peach uh double the trouble look at who it is it's cheats cherries two twin cherries hmm who are from the exact same step love to have lots of lots of fun we're a lot of fun yes you are for her whoo wooly hat okay there's no way this adorable little wooly hat could be cold because it's super cute and even has a little tiny soap like yes all right so let's look at our little blind backpack now cut these open okay let's see what you shopkins we've got open open and we've got woo oh we've got another ultra rare shopkins it's puppy house see all the petkins want to join close next to puppy house because this is where they like to hang out and our next shopkins we've got a pack kids it's the earing twins twin little earring shopkins okay these are really really cute okay I've got another double oh there's so much meowing going on okay these are really SuperDuper adorable so now we can take our little collect and stack display cases put in some of your favorite shopkins cheetah cherry oh yeah dolly doughnut cookie nut where are you create a little display stack miss Prezi comfy chair berry smoothie now all the shopkins can stack on up and hang on out yay chocolate chippy cookies the fun keeps stacking on up in my next video see there cookie fans how well were you paying attention to the video can you tell which shopkins is on the inside of this collecting stack case can you tell it's kind of hard put your answer below in the comments if you know what shopkins it is buy cookies Oh celebrate
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