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So what is happening gamers. This is bradley here and welcome back to another news roundup and it's been pretty darn quiet on the western front as of recently in regards to nintendo news but i digress there is definitely some stuff to talk about that's good to it one rumor and story that is always in the headlines is the blue burro work shovel Knight joining the roster of playable characters in Super Smash Bros 3ds and Wii U and Nintendo did something recently to fuel the fire on their official website Nintendo accidentally listed the shovel Knight amiibo alongside the Falco mega yarn Yoshi and you too amigo as being compatible with super smash bros in that you can use it to train a fighter this little mishap was brought to the attention of your games the developer of shovel knight in this stated that they believe this listing was made in air and i definitely have to agree with them because this listing was an accident they didn't do it on purpose it was an air or it could have been that the person who updated the website actually did it on purpose because he doesn't like a job but I mean it's not like yacht club could actually come out and say it that this listing was true and that she'll night is in smash bros they would get a major spanking from sac daddy as for what I think about this rumor well I'm kind of on the fence but I'm more leaning towards shovel Knight joining smash bros there's really no way of knowing unless you work for yacht club or Nintendo and you know what's going on shovel Knight is a super top of their game he's getting into meebo people want him to smash bros and we had the smash bros fighter ballot.

The chances of shell light joining smash bros are not slim but the thing is if he does join smash bros what did he need to get a smash bros series amoeba we get to shovel knight of evo.

Yeah that's about it there really isn't much else to say about this rumor intendo accidentally made a listing for the amoeba on their official website and it just stirred the pot even more oh and speaking of shovel Knight if you're looking forward to the retail release of the game you're gonna have to wait a little bit longer to get your hands on it because it has been delayed Gockel games has confirmed that it will now be releasing in north america on november third and in europe on October thirtieth.

It's not a huge delay but it is notable nonetheless as for something that isn't a rumor school kid is joining Hyrule warriors legends as a playable character yes. This is something that people have been one to see in Hyrule warriors now it's officially happening the little skull kid dude wearing the infamous Majora's Mask is going to be causing some may have now as for how school kid will work in battle well who actually come equipped with an ocarina and he can use his ocarina to call upon its Farage tattle and panel to support him in battle and with his Majora's Mask he can concentrate his magic power to the front of it to release a heat laser and you can also summon a fall of Darkness to make a big explosion and then with a trumpet he can summon scarecrow puppets to fight alongside him in battle which is a reference to his appearance in Twilight Princess I do believe that there is supposed to be more characters beyond school kit and one race that we haven't seen yet is the day kure.

Where you need to take you up in here a degu can blow bubbles it can shoot a giant daegu nut to mow down enemies it can do this little spinny thing and it can play is Trump instrument from Majora's Mask I mean we already absorbs and gorons.

The day gives me some love but anyways other than school kid joining Hyrule warriors legends as a playable character it's also they confirmed that phantom Gannon will be a boss in the game as well.

Yeah moving over into the world of amiibo we've got some glorious retailer exclusives toys r us is getting a few exclusives the me Fighter 3 pack which launches on November first the mega yarn Yoshi amoeba and also a restock of the villager amiibo and if you're someone who really wants the chibi Robo me Bo but you don't want to get chibi Robo zip lash since to get the ax me Bo you have to get the game while the official website for chibi rose if latch reveals that the amoeba is going to be released as a standalone product in holiday 2015 will probably like late November or December since as of right now the amoeba is exclusive to the bundle it gives people a reason to pick up a game but now that it's going to be released as a standalone product people don't have to pick up the game.

I don't know how much of an impact. This is going to have on zip flash chibi-robo is a niche game.

Uh oh and yeah that's pretty much the extent of the meebo news for today and it gives us video some closure it looks like super meat boy is finally coming to a Nintendo platform and that system is Ryu the reason I say that is because super meat boy just recently released on the playstation 4 and vita and Timmy made a blog post about it at the very end of that post they said and I quote to the fans were still excluding I'll leave you with this we haven't forgotten about you the meaning of what they're saying is pretty blatant it looks like super meat boy is definitely coming to the Wii U when we have no idea I'm just the middleman.

Cut me some slack yo super meat boy has been out for a long time but it is good to see Nintendo fans finally getting some love the game was originally in development for we wear but it was scratched because of the stupid 40 megabyte file size limit that we wear games had to be since the week you doesn't have that limit mwah they're golden they should definitely bring it to the 3ds or new 3ds as well and then we can have some cross by going on.

Yeah we'll just have to stay tuned for more details about Super Meat Boy on Wii U but that will bring it to the end of the news roundup if you like what you saw please give this video a thumbs up add it to your favorites and all that good stuff but i will talk to a layer in the next video guys you you but that cross its across its crossing crossings like Frogger Frogger crossing now it's a bird it's a bird look at it go it's a bird.

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